Replacing toilet Pan Connector

Why do the simplest jobs turn into a blood pressure raising swearing fest!

OH noticed the toilet in the ensuite was dripping water from the connector to the main soil pipe earlier in the week. So I did some reading and thought ' does not appear to bad, the refitting of the toilet to the connector appears a bit problematic but with care should be ok'

Cut to this afternoon around 1700. I was about ready to launch the cistern out of the bathroom window.

Can any of you plumber types let me know if there is some magic trick to getting the toilet lined up with the pan connector?

It is a new connector, of the same type as was fitted (MX01). I have done the appropriate lubrication in the pipe (as per instructions) and lubricated the pan connecter onto the toilet with fairy liquid (thank you internet and a vaguely rememebered instruction from my dad many moons ago). Short of using a laser level I cannot think of any way of sliding the damn thing in any more accurately and I still get the drip, drip of leaking water.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully be recieved. Failing that anyone know a reliable plumber in the Fareham Hampshire area?
Out of interest how much would this have cost me up front to have a professional come in and do it?
I would actually like to do it properly rather than bodge it with silicone sealer or other such methods.

DIY. Keeping A&E and trade professionals in steady business since......well forever really :)
This is what I KNOW

If your pan spigot is lower than the soil pipe you need to address this first and put it right-either mount the pan on a plinth or get another pan!you are trying to make the contents of the pan go uphill-the offset pan connector can't compensate for this. 2)don't try to connect the pan to the soil pipe with just one pan connector-cut the soil pipe back to the wall then insert a pan connector extension piece and then insert your pan connector into this-there WILL be room for this if you cut the extension piece short-you only need about 4 inches of room between the end of the pan spigot and the wall-I have yet to see ANY pan/cistern configuration that won't allow for this amount of space.Unless you have something seriously wrong with the molding of the pan or some damage somewhere to the soil pipe that you can't see I guarantee you will not get a leak-so long as insertion depths are correct and your pan is at least the same height as the soil pipe.Persevere with it and you will get it right.
The connecting pipe from toilet bowl to soil pipe can be readily bought in a flexible self sealing kit from B+Q .
I found lubrication just made it leak even after a plumber had a look. I bought the bits from wickes cut the pipe from the bog the correct length not too short I put a piece of bog roll under over night to see if it leaked and it turned out ok
Never good without photos.

Have you put it in, then taken it out again several times?

This tends to dislodge the sealing ring, and it will leak, unless you remake the pan connector properly, this sounds like the big problem.

As stated above, if there is a height difference between the WC and the pipe, trying to force it will lead to leaks...... offer one to the other, AFTER you have checked the pan connector is remade properly....... you can get pan connectors which will handle up to a 4" discrepancy.
Don't use those quick fix flexible type connection.

If used over the full distance of their expansion they sag and all the crap collects causing blockages.

If used over short distance all the crap collects in the folds and they block.

Also they leak.

In my case I had to go back to basic's and re cut into the soil pipe* and use two connectors as described above from Wickes.

* After removing plaster board etc to reach it.

New toilet outlet was approx 2 inches below what was already in place so I do not know if the industry standards have changed.
Gents, thank you for the responses.

Job jobbed.A bit more swearing, particularly when I cack handedly managed to put my full weight onto the cistern feed joint. Comedy moment ala 'The Two Ronnies' as I had forgotten to switch off the mains water supply! Stormed out of the bathroom to be met by sgeek junior killing herself laughing. She's going to dine out on that one for years.
Luckily mopping up and pipework repairs I can do :)

Had all the right fittings, had it lined up and tried glasshammers suggestion at the last attempt. Wiped all of the Fairy Liquid off the Toilet waste pipe and the toilet end of the connector. Slid the loo back in place and must have got the angle right. I now have a non-leaking loo, a wife who is happy and a daughter that has had her vocabulary expanded somewhat.

Feck that for a game of soldiers! Next time I pay for a plumber.

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