Replacing the throttle cable on a Quad Bike

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Spenny, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. I have been looking for a new motorbike recently, but after the horrendous snow last winter (im in Scotland) I decided to buy a quad bike to commute with until spring 2012 then switch back to 2 wheels.

    So Ive bought a SMC Quadzilla Stinger 250e for a very good price - last night I replaced the front brake cable, adjusted a few bits and pieces and tonight i need to replace the throttle cable. Ive never done this before and looking at the twist throttle it seems fairly straight forward at the top end. Where the cable runs into the carbs though, there is barely enough space to even get my fingers in............. very, very tight.

    I dont think the job will be too difficult, just more awkward. With that in mind, can any ARRSERS in the know, give me a break down on how the cable connects to the carb? I want to make this as painless as possible!

  2. Does it not connect the same was as any other cable connects to a carb? There's often a spring return, a bump-stop, and a couple of nuts etc. Not exactly rocket science.
  3. is it single carb or multi? Would removing the fuel tank or at least moving it to one side ( there's usually enough play in the pipes/wires etc) help?

    If its single carb chances are it will route directly into the carb top and attach directly to the carb slide which will be held down by a spring under the retaining top cap. Simple replacement but make sure you get the carb slide in the right way round....otherwise it will be a twat to start and then roar off at full chat and kill next doors cat. If its multi carb then it will route usually round a small grooved cam between the carbs, just rotate the cam with ya finger so its accessible and replace.
  4. Professor Unwin describes it quite succinctly;

  5. Yeah mate not rocket science, but as Ive never attached, removed or indeed seen how any cable connects to a carb then this is all new to me. With the limited room to do anything, I dont know if its just a fiddly job or if I would have to remove the fuel tank to connect the cable, hence why Im asking anyone in the know.
  6. Yeah mate, single carb and it does indeed connect directly into the carb top.

    I think I will look and see if the fuel tank can be moved slightly. Given the amount of room I have to work with, I dont want to get the carb slide the wrong way round.

    Cheers for that

    ps: Ive already killed the neighbours cat, so no dramas there
  7. It all depends on the type of carb. Your vehicle is uncommon so it is unlikely any of us know without looking at it.
    It is sometimes easier to remove the carb, replace the cable and then put the carb back on but that depends on how easy it is to remove the carb.

    A picture paints a thousand words. Can you photograph it and show us what we are looking at?
  8. No worries, just do it nice and methodical, take digi photos to remind you where things go if you need to. The rule of thumb is that the slide will have a sloped slot machined into it, this slot locates over the idle screw. (the slope then acts on the screw to alter idle speed)
  9. I'd remove anything that gets in the way, to make life easier. It's also useful if you can see into the carb to see that the refitted cable opens/closes the carb to the same extremes as the old one did.
  10. Judging from your last post, you will need to remove the carb top, careful not to strip/lose the bolts. Then you need to compress the spring and detach the old cable. Sometimes getting the new one on is a bugger! It helps if you slacken off ALL adjusters at both ends of the cable before attempting it as that gives you more play in the cable to work with.
  11. I thought the 'zilla 250 e was a twin carb. Unless it's and old un.

    Will be glad to be proved wrong though.
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've got an SMC supermoto bike and I love it. Lots of bits are interchangeable with KTM and Honda bits.

    Enjoy your new toy.
  13. Cheers for the replies lads.

    The Stinger range has both a single and twin carb model, this is the 05 plate single carb. Going by what you have all advised, Im going to have to remove the fuel tank. As ive said the space is tight and I would literally be attaching the cable blind into the carb. Its just not gonna happen, so better to take the time and do it properly.

    Ravers I cant wait to take it for a blast mate - I searched on youtube for it and founds loads of lads tearing it up in the snow last winter. My Mrs already has me looking at snow ploughs to attach to the front, in order that i can clear the drive/street if we get hammered this year!! lol
  14. Cheers mate. The fun police at work block that site for some fcuking reason, so I will check that when I get home