Replacing The Land Rover

Land Rover replacement to weigh seven tons. Errr, right, OK. For reference, Spartan weighs 8..........

It's a protected mobility vehicle, not a 'GS Rover' replacement. A 'Baby Bushmaster' if you like.

The rovers are being replaced (apparently) with G-Wagens.

BTW ex-Stab, 99% of the people on this forum will know what a Spartan is - being mainly expat Poms ;)
Nige said:
The rovers are being replaced (apparently) with G-Wagens.
Really? When was this decision made?

My guess is that there will be no "replacement" per se and that the first step LPPV will be followed by a series of variations.

GS Rover will remain as legacy for "garrison duties" but everything else weill require some form of protected vehicle ala Hawkei.

Nice design but not sure about the mudguards - if your going to make a vehicle that wide why not use the soace?
Do we not still have the Austin Champ? All these new plastic vehicle thingies :roll:
Very interesting, just part of Thales ambition me thinks, maybe as exciting as the 'Warthog' (Would you go to war in a KIA!!?) :lol: . Try looking up the Force Protection/ Ricardo Ocelot a much more convincing offering. They are designed to replace the 'SNATCH' in theatre not the GS and it's derivatives.

Reason to keep LRs over all others. Its the only one that can keep all four wheels on the ground, ergo keep going forward on rough terrain. When fitted with diff lockers pretty awesome. See the Bowler Nemesis for the ultimate. There again with a following wind and a nice uk gov commited to defence budget we'll be lucky to get Maharinda jeeps from India.
Mac, the Aussies don't have Snatch. The PMV they currently use is Bushmaster, Logistics wise, there is an armoured cab for Unimogs.
I think this vehicle is being offered as a little brother to Bushmaster, giving commanders an opportunity to get people on the ground in something with a smaller footprint.
I have just replaced my Freelander with a Volvo V70 - much more comfortable
the question regarding the G wagens, I used both auto and manual ones as part of a nato force.
They handle badly, when you go around a corner I really thought i was driving a boat, that was about to capsize.
Much less off road ability that the landrovers, I bogged down driving across a public park. in summer.
They seemed reliable, but only because no one used them, my guys took to using our 2 aged landies for everything
They certainly wouldnt be an improvement.

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