Replacing door glass on civic

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jgib284, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Bit of help from anyone in the know please.
    Some local "yoof" decided to put through both front windows in my civic this week. After laughing at the insurers £750 excess and a quote from Autoglass for £550 I have purchased both pieces of glass from a breakers and decided to crack on and learn something new.
    Problem is that I can get the glass into door and on tracks, but not onto the little holder it screws into on the track. I have electric windows which have been busted for a while so the glass holder is in its highest position. I cant lower this to fit the glass and then slide u to secure it in the tracks as I should do. Any thoughts??
    I have tested all fuses and they're fine, have concluded the issue is a break in the wiring somewhere between the 2 fuses as sun roof is also not working!
    Desperately need it sorting but cant find a solution on web anywhere other than take it to a garage to sort windows first
  2. You should try honda civic forums. The old and bold here will only be able to give you advice on Morris Minors and Hillman Imps....
  3. The lower glass on a 2CV door is an absolute doddle...

    Back to the OP:

    Given that your issue seems to be that the electric windows aren't working, go back to the breakers and swap your bits of glass for doors (with glass in them). It's much simpler and probably won't cost much more.
  4. Why not put 12v power straight to the electric window motor, just to move the runner to the position you need it in ? Once you've finished fitting the glass, you can worry about getting the electric windows working properly another time.

    Could be a faulty relay. Or possibly a broken wire in between the door and the body, where the wire flexes. Although I'd have thought this is less likely, especially if both front windows don't work. The drivers' one is the prime candidate for having a damaged wire, but the other front door less so, unless it's been opened and closed as many times as the drivers door.

    If all else fails, you could jam the glass in the closed position with a piece of wood. I had to do that on a Rover when the bastard broke down. Don't try and use beer mats to achieve this. A mate of mine tried that on a Lada, and it was alright until someone slammed the door. Then the glass dropped into the bottom of the door and shattered.
  5. Seconded. I've done that many times.
  6. Have you considered moving house? It sounds like you live in a right dodgy neighbourhood.