replacing a broken buckle Karrimore wind 25

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jeromesausage, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys - Im a keen diver and use a Karrimore Wind 25 rucksack to carry my weights / spares and other kit which loads it up toabout 40lbs (fat **** I know!!)

    I bought it in a firesale for £30, normal price about £80 so a fuckoff bargain however the plastic buckle on one of the straps snapped yesterday. Is it possible to get this replaced and fixed - the stitching is perfect, holding properly, its just the plastic gave. It doesnt need to be an exact match, indeed any repair will suffuce as long as it allows me to use a strap tightening buckle.

    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Have a look here, I have not used them but the review speaks volumes.

  3. If you have a "Sailmaker's Palm" it is extremely easy to restitch webbing

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  4. If it just a buckle you need, post a picture of your broken one/one similar and I will have a look in my spares box as I may have a odd one.
  5. Hey guys thanks for the advice - I'll probably opt for the Dixies corner, looks amazing. Its a simple repair but obvioulsy the keys in the stitiching as it holds a lot of weight on a daily basis. I have gfot a spare buckle DB but offer greatly appreciated - Ill post back let you know how it gets on and the cost. Have a good weekend guys.
  6. When my father died , years ago , I found one complete with needles and waxed string / thick thread in his Ditty Box . I have used it to repair my Karrimor Bag on a couple of occassions and agree it is not too difficult .
  7. Border if you fancy doing the job for whatever and a similar donation for H4H ure more than welcome - I can darn socks but draw the line at webbing :) PM me if interested mate.
  8. Failing all else, I have taken bags and belts to local craft people, people who make belts and things by stitching leather, they seem to have the tools for this type of job. Even had a tent repaired at one before.
  9. Looks like its not a write-off then, would be shame to gash it for something so simple as a cracked plastic buckle.
  10. I have to admit that my quality of workmanship is pretty poor to look at but functional .... my repairs have always been hidden within the body of the bag i.e. where the waist strap is attached and I was able to turn the bag inside out . If you are still interested please let me know .

    Edited to add ...

    A further option would be for me to let you borrow then return the palm etc and I am sure you could effect a functional repair , with what is essentially the right kit , yourself ... would also be cheaper than posting the bag two ways .