Replacements for the A2.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Exotic Racoon, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Won't be for a while but the SA80 will be binned eventually, so what should we be getting in its place?

    If the financial climate allows, I say get Diameco C8s for all the regs and if THEY want to change weapons too, buy THEM a load of ACRs.
  2. SA80A3

    tenfucking letters
  3. Im ******* nails with my Galil with red dot sight on COD , ill have one of those please QM oh can i have it with my tiger stripe pattern as well cheers .
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  4. We'll be using A2s for another 10 years at least.
  5. Spud gun mk2?
  6. I think the weight of any new weapon will be of huge importance, so something like a C8 I should think.
  7. Be sensible, this is British military procurement we're talking about. The A2's replacement will weigh at least 20 kg and feature a 2 round mag.
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  8. Or even L85 A3?
  9. Would it be innapropriate to suggest something copied from FN in 7.62? :)
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  10. Get something that uses sensible ammunition like the SCAR-H.
  11. I was waiting to get picked up on that
  12. How much has been spent on the development of the L85? To bring it up to A2 spec? Then throw in the development of the L86, L22 and the L98. And all the UORs such as ACOG, UGL and the other weaposn such as LMG and Sharpshooter?

    SA80 family will be with us for a good while yet, surely another 10 years at least if not 20.
  13. Diameco contract runs out 2015.
    I say get HK416 or variant of.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm not a fan of the SA80 family of weapons for reasons that are obvious to most readers. However I doubt if we will be in the Market to change for dime time. The SA80 and most other weapons systems are still using designs that are well over 50 years old When we do change I hope we will be looking at the next generation of small arms not just a incremental improvement on current technology.

    OK I doubt if we will 'ray guns' although energy weapons are not impossible in the future but caseless ammo, rail gun launch, some as yet undreamed of propellent.

    Added to that will hopefully be some useable non-lethal weapons suited to the asymetric battlefield.

    Ihope that is the kind of research that bidding are doing.

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  15. Thats what I was hinting at, theres no way after all that investment they are going to dump it after ten years, I reckon they will try to develop it constantly much like the M-16 family