Replacement RAF AWACS

Errm, why aren't two of them dusky, to reflect the Dear Leader's approved ethnic mix in the USKSR?

It looks like one of them is sitting down, so at least the disabled quota appears to be filled but I'm confused as to which of them sup from the furry cup.

Reported for racism and homophobia.
it’s ok, the one on the left is self identifying as non white
I think quite a number of posters on the thread were throwing up some of the other options and saying, 'What about this?"

To the uninitiated, some of the biz-jet options look sleek and sexy and you did a good job up-thread of explaining why Wedgetail was the only game in town.

The posts from @Raven2008 and @redshift looked to be taking us off around all sides of the coin again.
I don't think that Raven2008 was suggesting that the Saab Global Eye was appropriate for the UK. Rather, he was taking the opportunity to post some photos that he took a couple of weeks ago, for the benefit of those who are interested in aircraft. I think this was much appreciated by nearly all.
I didn't mean to say it would be suitable for the UK, just for nations with a limited airspace or necessities to monitor. a thread titled 'Replacement RAF AWACS'.

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