Replacement NI medal

Hi, after advice it possible to get a replacement NI medal? After languishing is a drawer for years I sent my NI medal off to be court mounted. The guy was recommended through a Wrac facebook page so no qualms there. It was sent back in the middle of the first lockdown when the post went tits up. It has been lost and I am wondering (especially today) if I can do anything to bet a replacement. Thanks for any advice. First post so hope this is the correct forum. Cheers
Try the medal office. Failing that, you can buy a replacement.
Thanks for the reply, just had a look at - an interesting read. Applied for a veterans medal while I was at it. Just one of those jobs that I regularly remember and mean to do but never quite get around to. The guy lost a relative to Covid so I didn't want to hassle him chasing it up and I was working in healthcare and everything else slid down the list and now it seems too late. Thanks for your time.