Replacement Hard Drive and Installing Windows 7

I have recently had a bit of a problem when my laptop took a bit of a bash and my hard drive pretty much self destructed. I have bought a replacement hard drive and am trying to re-install Windows 7. The disk starts and I get the Acer screen, then 'windows is loading files' - white text, black background, the progress bar moves all the way across, then 'Starting Windows' with the windows squares, then nothing except the mouse cursor that I can move on the screen, and the DVD then stops spinning.

Any ideas? I have googled like a lunatic and the only thing I can find is it could be a driver issue. I am not sure about this as the laptop had W7 installed before and the only difference is a new HDD.

Try installing Linux - this will help to eliminate the HDD as part of the problem.
I had a similar problem on my new desktop system.
Fault was with the disk. Installation with a different disk but same key worked.
Fault confirmed by vendor and disk replaced should I need to reinstall at a future time.
Well I am now using Mozilla through my freshly installed Ubuntu. If this works then I might just leave it on my machine!

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