Replacement form P45

Hi all, quick admin question.

Whom should I get in touch with to get hold of a lost/not-received Tax Form P45 having left the TA?

Is paperwork of this nature done at unit or centrally?

Unfortunately it's HMRC who are asking to see the P45. They owe me about a month's pay and are trying to trip me up about my record-keeping in order to sly their way out of paying up.
TA are casual labour. Tax is deducted at basic rate on TA earnings, and a normal tax code is not applied as in other employments.

You will not receive a P45 if you have decided not to attend for TA training again. You will however receive a P60 at end of tax year that will record your annual earnings. If, at this point in time you think you have overpaid tax, you should contact HMRC and explain your circumstances.
Not wanting to be a geek however;

ISSUE DATE: 15 Feb 2010
TIME: 13:30 BULLETIN NO: 1002-007

With effect from 1st March 2010 SPVA will provide P45s for Reservists who have been appropriately terminated on time and for whom a private address or future contact address has been updated on JPA.
Give 'em a ring and ask for one, although I'd be suprised if you had a future contact address updated ;)

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