Replacement for Victors beret?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Benadiction, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Well before Victors got shut down they used to sell the best quality beret's to get that pukka finish.

    Anyone know where the best place is now to buy them?
  2. What the fcuk is up with the spatics on ARRSE at the moment? I think this has to be the 3rd thread on where to buy berets from in the past month?

    Don't people get berets issued anymore?? Why the hell would anyone waste cash on something they can get for free, and they look no different.
  3. Check the past posts, the mong isn't even in yet - has been checking what goodies to buy in prep 8O
  4. Seen. Benadict, or whatever your name is. Do one will you.
  5. Bless poppet I was actually enquiring for my old man as both he and my uncle told me to buy a decent one to replace the shit quality one you get issued.

    Funnily enough I respect their opinion more both having served in Para Reg than some mong mouthing off behind a keyboard, go back to your fat Mrs mate she's missing you.
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  6. Top tip, the issued beret is spot on. I never purchased one in my life. But if you want to look a cnut with a beret you've paid for, feel free.

    I hope your attitude improves, you're gonna get filled in.
  7. Good old Victors eh! Facing the 5's wine bar in Aldershot. Yep excellent berets. Next best is now.DUBORA's. Thats where all us sweats got them from once Victors shut down. Apparently DuBora got the contract from them. Good berets though and I couldn't tell the difference.
  8. Cheers for the advice stain, maybe you should read a page from your own book? Personally I don't think taking pride in your kit is a bad thing.

    Cheers Fallschirmjager your a gent.
  9. You're not even in the Army yet. Come back and gob off once you've passed phase 1.
  10. TBH the issue berets are not bad now. The kangol shoite that made your head look like the extension of runway 4 at heathrow, that they issued in ninety eighty something or other are now long gone, you even get a leather band on them these days. Save your cash matey.
  11. Will do poppet x

  12. Careful smudge, his Dad and uncle were both para regt :worship:
  13. With that attitude, I take it that you could be going RMP,because you seem to have got the hang of making friends down to a fine art.
  14. Going to last very fucking long being a gobby cunt. Your old man and uncle may have been in, but you're not darling, wind your neck in or you're going to be in for a slap.

    Editted for spelling like a twat.
  15. You are correct of course. The issued beret these days is adequate, though you can't beat a Victors beret.

    Especially in Maroon. :)