replacement for the L9A1

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by andyboy443, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. probably been done before and probably in the wrong section, but whats everyones opinion on the next standard issue side arm,

    "Various offerings from SIG, Heckler & Koch, and Carl Walther have already been adopted by other arms of the British military"

    anybody have experience with these weapons, what do you think it should be?
  2. If you haven't heard already "Gun's don't kill people, Rappers do." All rifles, pistols and MG are to be replaced with Goldie Looking Chain.
  3. Probably some sort of laser blaster by the time we get a new one - the browning works well enough does it not - hits the mark every time at least and rarely jams.
  4. Sig Sauer P229 is excellant and already in use with "Them" and RMP CP teams, think its going to be a while before we get rid of the Browning anyway though and would the powers that be trust normal soldiers with a pistol that effectively doesnt have a safety catch?
  5. fo' real, shizzle my nizzle.
  6. apparently "The weapon is ineffective against modern body armour" i don't suppose it'll get used against anything other than a bloke with a tea towel over his head for quite a while though so that isn't a problem
  7. So issue different ammunition:

    Second from left is British 9mm armour piercing pistol Mk2

  8. Ah, but "tea-towel" is actually a miss-spelling of T-Towel: A towel that draws it's power from Mr-T off the A-team.

    It's completely indestructible and absorbs EVERYTHING. The only limitation to it is that it's not airportable because Mr-T "ain't gettin on no plane, fool!"
  9. uh i stand corrected :?