replacement for the GPMG- light role

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by acctim, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. I read on the internet last year that the army were looking at replacing the FN GPMG when using it in the light role. The 7.62mm minimi was one of the suggested choices, so was the South African gpmg. Is this just rumour or has the trials started yet?
  2. Christ can we please stop with threads asking about when we are ditching the general. It does the job and it does it bloody well.
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  3. I heard that they were gonna graft a nerf gun to each of my arms, and use me as a bionic super-soldier. I will be tasked at government level, airportable, and will be in and out quickly, saving cash on LOA, xfactor pay, and rations.

    The nerf bullets are also cheaper than conventional brass rounds.

    Keep it under your hat though, it's all hush hush at the moment.
  4. Smudge we all know for a fact you would never get out of the NAAFI shop for long enough to have that surgery done. :)
  5. Now now, it may look like a normal NAAFI shop.......Batman never had a sign saying "Bat Cave" did he?!!
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  6. So was the sausage roll actually a cunning elevator switch?
  7. No, that was my breakfast. You didn't finger it did you??

    The ridiculously over-priced can of starch is the elevator switch.
  8. Let's just say the cheesy filling that morning was not put in there by the staff.

    The starch can is a cunning idea, the moment any tom goes near it he will be called away by accusations of being a jack ****.
  9. FN Minimi 7.62 with fixed or sliding stock - Simples

    8.2Kg with 1000m range v the GPMG at 11.8Kg and tracer burn out at around 1100m.

    Machine Guns
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    I wish I could keep firing as well, after all these years service.I keep getting stoppages.
  11. I did wonder!

    The starch can is a cunning plan. The fall-back switch which happens to be a (yet again stupidly over-priced) set of Wilkinson Sword razor blades......knowing full well that no-one will have the correct razor for them to go on. Good old fashioned NAAFI cunning.
  12. Starch is a bit posh. Mine is hidden behind the gash and pointless BCB military products. My personal favourites being the cheap plastic right angle torch and the ever useful zips that you put on your laces, so you just slide those badgers on and zip them up. Our RSM would love them as much as me rocking up with Fred Wests side burns.(Not his actually side burns. They are still rotting on his head)
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  13. I wonder what the Hamlet cigars do.

    On the subject of the Minimi, I hated the bastard things. Nowhere near as reliable as the GPMG.
  14. You smoke them....what do you think you'd do with them??!
  15. Well Sluggy sent me some pictures of her that suggested they were used for other things.