Replacement for my trusty Subaru Outback


So, I am thinking of replacing my winter car, a Subaru Outback, with something a little more economical. I currently get around 29mpg if running around local roads, and up to 32mpg on longer trips.

The all wheel drive and winter tyres have been great over the last 3 years but my missus has managed the same commute in the winter in a Mito and a Toyota GT86 with decent winter tyres.

I was looking at the new Skoda Octavia 4x4 (or waiting for the Scout verson) but I wonder if I should save £4k and get the 2wd version and a set of winter wheels. The fuel saving according to Honest John would be something like an extra 20mpg by not having 4x4 and being able to buy the super economical engine.

Its used for fishing/hunting and shifting drums, so needs a decent boot. I do a lot of parking in muddy fields and driving farm tracks. But it also needs to scrub up well for my daily commute which is about 25 miles each way. I also find myself driving over the Cabrach (a bit of a high road through upland moors) in the winter where snow can be interesting.

It's going to be my only car as running 2 cars is starting to hurt! I am looking to buy new and budget is up to around the £25k mark.

Any recommendations?



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I love my Nissan X-Trail 2L Diesel Automatic. On a run I've achieved 43.5 mpg (Edinburgh to Hohne return via Hull/Rotterdam). Normal is high 30s MPG in a mix of city, country and motorway.

Loads of boot space, decent in mud and forest track and all the toys. The new 'sleeker' model has just been released so might be worth a gander.


I love my Nissan X-Trail
My landlady has one..well, 2, which they use for pulling horse boxes and getting access to the house (further up the same track I am on). I had not really considered one, but will have a look. Should get some good deals on the outgoing model. interestingly, she swapped from an Outback to the X-trail


Hmmmm..seems I can get a £4k discount on a new Octavia Estate 4x4...and a £2k one on a new Forrester...arrrgh!
The new X-trail is way too expensive and looks just like a Mazda CX5
Why not get a one yr old version of the old X-Trail. At least 2yrs of warranty left, you can get a 2L/173bhp version (new one is only 1.6) and far better of road if you need it.

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Looking at ex demo X-trails...dont seem a bad price...will have a mooch this weekend hopefully. A wee trip to Dundee is on the cards.