Replacement for HMS Endurance announced

Doesn't seem to have internal storage for a helicopter
OMG ... "Rent-a-Ship".

And, as noted by tropper, there seems to be a small deficiency in the aviation Department.

Who came up with that concept? What was he smoking at the time?
No doubt the Mail will elaborate later, but that looks like a s t r a n g e decision.


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Wee skit on thinkdefence about the new vessel: HMS Protector | Think Defence, along with a Scribd doc with the vessel specs. It's an interim measure, though something similar will no doubt be purchased, most lieky with a suitable hanger to take a Merlin.

Blue, we already rent the River Class OPVs.


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As it's 15+ years since hanging up my uniform [OK, pin-stripe suit] I had no idea how bad things had got. Sheeet :-|
Ahh, now you see everyone got a little bit giddy with the whole PFI thing (idiotic concept imho, caused more problems and cost more than if it had been doen the old fashioned way). Though tbf the River deal hasn't been a disaster like say ohhh, Hospitals or FSTA for example.
Wouldn't we have been better tapping Denmark for a Thetis Class Frigate?

Thetis Class Frigates - Naval Technology

I've said it before, but I tend to passionately believe in some of the things I say, I don't get why the Andy don't ahve a rolling replacement system for boats.

I think I worked out that to maintain the fleet of FFs we have, for their predicted life span, we'd need a new FF every three years. With one sat mothballed or one undergoing sea trials at all times. In this way we'd be able to add bits and bots to the ships as they came on line.

A new classification could be announced once 30 minor or 3 major alterations had been undertaken to the design.
Word is she will get a proper flight deck and hanger aft prior to entering service.

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