Replacement DPM/95 Trousers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Golf_one_one, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Does any one know of a company, that make (or would produce) British Desert and Temperate DPM Trousers from IRR Materials (not the paper thin current stuff) in the pattern of US BDU or ACU Trousers?

    I've just destroyed another 3 pairs of 95 desert trousers and i could do with the well thought out design of the yank kit, double lined knees with pockets for foam knee pads, double lined thighs and slanted bellows pockets.
  2. Cheers Kurgen, already looked and they dont offer what i require, sneakey beakey trousers are way too specialist, need at least 3 pairs for day to day use.

    Would Jay Jays have an idea?

    If there not too busy, as they were when i was on my LFTT in march....
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Have a look at this firm called Lava design who may be able to help.

    Website here:

    Never used them but I've seen some DPM SAS smocks and repro Denisons which are well made.
  4. if anyone is interested and Lava design would make them I would buy three pairs of BDU design/cloth in British DPM but I would hope for re-enforced knees.

  5. I would buy 3 pairs desert and 4 pairs temperate, as would a hell of a lot of people on ARRSE, could this be the way forward for ARRSE Trousers? (no pun intended) :wink:

    Maybe Actions-On could look into this.........
  6. But would your unit let you wear them?
  7. Yes they would,

    I think, with careful application of design, no-one would have a drama.

    Exercise and Ops use only. If your CSM/SSM/BSM has a problem, then he cant have done many trips away in the last 5 years. :(

    I see it in the same way as having a compass pouch sewn onto your smock, knitted cuffs or Lowa boots instead of Assault Boots.

    Improving issue kit is a pastime for the majority of the British Forces, just look at the Allyness thread.
  8. On exercise and deployment yes.

  9. I have one of the early Lava SAS smocks, it is very thin, lightweight and folds into a side pouch but is, as it says, pretty windproof.

    Not the most rugged bit of kit on the planet but then it was not meant to be. It makes a good lightweight jacket.
  10. Idea! The last pattern trousers 90 Pattern?? (with the jacket which looked like CS95 but without the stupid collar)

    Get some sew the belt loops down and change the buttons.

    A much better pair of trousers than CS95.

  11. or what about the Ripstop trousers?
  12. The new ACU is ripstop.

    G11 , the full suit (ACU) is $88 per set in US Camo as priced by the manufacturer.

    I don't know what cost just trousers in DPM would be, but if they sniff a bit of business, they may consider some test pieces?

    I'll drop them an email and see what they say.

  13. try nick parker at drop zone supplies, ex military type so he knows his onions, he has his own tailors so should be able to help.
    heres the link to his site
  14. Might be worth contacting their gear seems to be pretty decent, both in concept and quality, and it's cheap too. At present they don't do any DPM gear, but they might be persuaded.