Replacement Commissioning scroll

Having commissioned from the ranks in 1998 I expected to get a nice bit of paper telling me I was "trusty and beloved" or something like that. Whilst I have heard it can take a while to come through, I never have actually received it and left the service last August sans scroll. I did ask Glasgow (through my SSA) to see if I could get a new one about a year before I left but heard nothing despite assurances that they would sort it out. Is there any way I can get a replacement as I am in desperate need of something to hang in the loo?
A mob called the Occurences Wing at APC Glasgow do the scrolls. write or give them a call. I waited 8 years after commissioning and still didn't have my scroll, so I found out who was responsible for their production and gave them a call. My scroll arrived two weeks later.
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