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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by no_mr_kitty, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. I found this petition and thought some people might be interested.

    I am not a solider (yet), but I if I ever go into combat I want a gun that's better than the SA80.

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.
  2. Yes, it is in the wrong place: It's in a place where professional soldiers hang out!

    to the hole please!!

    May I suggest you search out the many threads about weapons on this site before you spout off about what you want to be armed with when you do get in.
    When you do get to handle weapons for real, you will become familiar with the phrase "watch and Shoot!" - at this time you should stick to "Watch and Learn!"
  3. Here we go again, pages and pages of shite about how great the SLR used to be.

    To the hole please..............
  4. The Army's never been the same since they did away with the Browm Bess.
  5. After some thought I have concluded that I owe no_Mr_Kitty an apology. My reply was rather “old School”. Short and sharp and without the guidance that a youngster deserves today.
    I believe that a more modern approach would help; breaking down the petition's points and asking that each point be researched and answered.

    More details from petition creator
    The SA80 (Small Arms for the 1980s) is currently used by most of the British Army.
    The gun is old, heavy and stoppages are frequent. Please replace it with something suitable for the modern battlefield.

    “The gun is old”
    A short paragraph on what the definition of “Old” refers to in small arms. Please refer to the US army adoption of the M240 and the Bundeswer's use of the MG3. You may, if you wish, also refer to the British Army's L9A1, L7A2 and L2A1.
    “The Gun is heavy”
    What can I say – Google it! But understand the answer will always be a compromise and the fact that a weapon system might be a few pounds lighter is neither here nor there. This isn't a game of Top Trumps!

    “and stoppages are frequent”
    really? Do you think? I suggest you are listening to some anecdotal stories and taking them as gospel. Please provide a link to some detailed studies about the performance of the modern combat weapon systems used by “top Flight” armies.

    Now after all that, do you think I believe the L85A2 is the absolute bestest system in the world and money won't buy you any better? Hell no! But I really do believe it's a good honest weapon that is doing the job.

    Look forward to you telling me this was a Wah!

    Please, please don't let this be a wah!
  6. To the hole!
  7. When I go into combat I'd be happy to carry the SA80A2. It rapes the M16A2 at any test you'd care to name apart from allyness.

    The rifle is not unduly heavy (4.6kg; if that's a problem grow some arm muscles), does not stop excessively (apart from once every thirty rounds obviously) and as for old, some of it is brand new. And when has old necessarily been a disadvantage?

    The SLR was unduly heavy, stopped too often (as the mag was too small) and was fairly old. Now we have something far better.
  8. To the hole !

    Show this nob a 303 and point him at a two way range somebody ;)
  9. Bring back the longbow - light, simple and effective at up to 300 metres (if you have 6,000 angry Welshmen at your disposal).

    The A1 was a bad weapon, but every nation's army whinges about its rifles and the A2 is up there with the better ones.
  10. Only if the soldier in charge of it was lazy/idle/a mong/RAF-regt/a spacker etc
  11. [quote="smudge67]

    Only if the soldier in charge of it was lazy/idle/a mong/RAF-regt/a spacker etc[/quote]

    My fault for listening to the Rock Apes too much.
  12. My fault for listening to the Rock Apes too much.[/quote]

    That'll learn ya ;)
  13. So you want something that youve never fired to be replaced with something else that youve never fired?

    Please tell me which rifle (its not a gun, (wikki) In military use, the term "gun" refers to artillery ordnance that fires projectiles at high velocity, such as naval guns which in the modern navies are not called cannons, or the tank main gun. In military use, mortars and all hand-held firearms are excluded from the definition of guns because they do not require the accurate gunnery data calculations and training when engaging targets.[3] Two exceptions to this include: the shotgun, which is a smoothbore hand-held firearm that fires a load of shot or a single projectile known as a slug, and the machine gun, which is a fully-automatic weapon mounted on a tripod or wheeled carriage and is almost always operated by a crew of two.) you would prefer in stead of the rifle 5.56.
  14. Then why make a bone uneducated comment like that then.
  15. Hes been using a shagged out L98 in cadets and decided thats what the real army is like!