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I used to genuinely love being in the Territorial Army. It was something different to do at the weekends other than sport and having a beer, and it seemed to be well run and supervised.

Then I went on tour.

My tour exposed my part of the TA for what it is, a unit with a fair few good eggs run by war dodgers, key enablers and Gareths. The blokes who got promoted were the ones who were around the most, i.e unemployed. Not all bad eggs, but quite a lot who got where they were by hanging around the bosses and shouting a lot. From my peer group very few remain, with blokes having moved away, got out after a tour, or drifted away. Whilst groups of lads went on tour, the men manoeuvred into key positions were the ones who simply had never been away. It seems a nightmare to actually be a part time soldier now.

Anyway, I digress. Basically, I'm incredibly disillusioned with my current post. The easy thing to do would be to sign off and hand my kit in, but I enjoy the teamwork and working against adversity that comes with the role. I just want to do it in a well organised and well motivated unit. I don't want to go somewhere with funny coloured hats, as I'm fit but not a superman. I'm just an ordinary bloke who wants to be motivated and enjoy going into the TAC. I've got to the stage now where the only reason that I parade is for the money and bounty, which is something that I believe is wrong. I also want to tour again in a few years, as I'm sure that the Government will sort out an opportunity!

So, suggestions for units in the South (East or West) of England with something a bit different. One suggestion I've had is the FAC Troop. If anyone want to PM me because of PERSEC, feel free.

Regards (and thanks for the vent)



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raf regt?

no seriously.
Wait until May. When the big announcement comes out it may get rid of the problem you are talking about. What capbadge are you now?
If you're fit, go for a funny coloured hat. You don't need to be superman for any of them, and the ranks of RMR/4PARA/131/21 are filled with blokes who joined for very similar reasons you listed.


Wait until May. When the big announcement comes out it may get rid of the problem you are talking about. What capbadge are you now?
Wise advice.
As the Duke said in another thread - once " the announcement" has been made (in about 6 weeks), expect some interesting new opportunities to arise, with a degree of musical chairs.


First, wait for the musical chairs to be announced. Otherwise, you run the risk of jumping ship into something which will not be the same in the future.

Secondly, you are possibly one of those best suited to improve your unit if you chose to do so. If you liked the role and got on well with the blokes then consider taking the steps to put yourself in the position to best support that. Bring your experience to bear in training.

Third - a change is as good as a rest. As mentioned above, consider a few years at a training establishment. Help the next generation to get ready for their time in the TA.
Is there any elaboration on the announcement, or a link to a page that might tell me a bit more? Massively out of the loop on this.
Was this your first tour, is there anyone at your location able to relate to your currant morale.
A lot can happen in six weeks, if the CoC is not a viable option, seek out someone who is.
Bear in mind arrse may be read by your local capbadge.



Good honest description. Joining MI was something I'd considered and I'm currently waiting for the announcement (which seems to have been next month for the last two years).

I'm expecting the TA to focus on those who toured and bring the retirement of a number. Hopefully we get a bit of 'meaningful use', units have to prove their worth. Simply getting soldiers to pass tests and wear the uniform is not enough. Quoting NHS, we need to stop counting (Matt passes, numbers soldiers attested, etc) and look at the outcomes - are we contributing to defence. [using this criteria my old civvy firm scores far higher than my TA unit]

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Long time ago I was given the advice that if you want to enjoy your military service, survive it and look back on it fondly through rose coloured specs then go and join the most demanding unit that you can hack physically and mentally.
Depending how far South you are I guess. The Military Stabilisation Support Group is based in Camberley and also works out of Tidworth. From what I gather it can be very interesting, albeit hard work at times.
I felt the same mate. So I went to the local ATU to teach the new recruits.

Been here over a year now and have got some good courses out of it and a chance to improve my teaching skills which I didn't have a chance at my old unit.

I'm waiting to see what happens with 2020 etc and then will decide on my move. You can leave the ATU at any time and I found it opened my eyes to the wider TA.

Things are changing so stick with it mate and choose your move carefully.
Talking about ATUs is there a list on armynet about what vacancies there are at each one?
Talking about ATUs is there a list on armynet about what vacancies there are at each one?
Best thing to do mate is go on Army Net and get the phone number and give them a call. As in my experience its always best to speak to the PSAO and he can tell you there and then whats happening.

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