Repeats on TV.

Has anyone else noticed the amount of programmes shown on Terrestrial TV has increased in frequency?

For example,Channel 5 are showing "Patch Adams" today (23/01/10) at 1715Hrs & again NEXT Saturday at 1210Hrs.
Rick Stein's Christmas Oddesy,far from being new,it was rehashed Far Eastern Oddesy with a new commentry & footage added.

Sky as we all know repeat their programmes so often you can recite the script!With the amount of money we pay via Subscription & TV'nt it about time the TV companies invest more in new progrmmes?
To be fair Sky does have half a billion channels to fill, and one of the most popular in this country is 'Dave', which is full of repeats?
The BBC though are a sleeping giant ignoring the competition and feathering it's staff's own nest.

Look at what sky has done for the sporting coverage, football, cricket and rugby, sky have to flog coverage to gain an audience, the BBC don't, they get paid anyway.

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