Repeating MATTS Weekends

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Yes for the cash

  2. Yes to see me mates

  3. Yes to help instruct/run them

  4. Yes to encourage others to attend

  5. Don't have enough MTDs to attend more than one

  6. Yep for the beer

  7. No we don't have repetative training

  8. No - stay at home with family - have a break

  1. Well do you or do you take it as a break. Seems to be an increasing number repeating tests just to get a days pay
  2. yes i repeat keeps the skills up to date and gets me away from mrs lemonsuckas for a weekend. the extra money is also a bonus
  3. It’s also good training.
    I’ve now passed all my MATTs but if I have the chance I’d like to take another crack at them and see if I can perform any better.
  4. Problem

    I have polar is it always in my unit seems to be the same frigging instructors.

    last 2 cadre weekends for matts i have had to teach first aid, i had to give up a ngiht on the piss so i could do my frigging navigation cause i was instructing all day on BCD.

    I am a CBRNI need to do CBRN but oohh no i have to test fookin BCD on next weekend available as well.

    now we are going away this weekend i have to mop up for all that need guess what bcd, my matts seem to be last on the agenda so when i havent past my CBRN at end of year & they have to put on special training for it i am goona get shit from higher for needing it.

  5. Its only teaching this weekend ..... erm I think the other activity is likely to be canned as the Det/equipment was on 6hrs NTM last Tueday.....
  6. Perhaps add another option - repeating because unit keeps forgetting / wont put on a particular MATT which means having to keep repeating everything on a weekend in order to get it!

    Not fussed repeating my MATTs as it has already been said = good training but annoying when the main reason is because of the bounty hunters leaving it till the last minute and the unit then rushing to get the numbers up meaning "well your here anyway...." :(
  7. Polar i am doing matt sweep up no teaching involved

  8. I heard that testing had been stopped for the next months, replaced with training only.
  9. Is there scope for regional MATTS teams, perhaps made up of personnel who are medically downgraded etc. who would otherwise be unable to perform a full role in units?
    It would keep them in whilst reducing the amount of redundant work carried out by unit level instructors and testers.
    Regional training and testing teams could either "tour" units in a region or offer a facility for soldiers who have missed their MATTS for whatever reason to catch up without involving their unit in repeating the exercise.

    Does that make any sense :?
  10. I've made suggestion in the past, far too sensible or alternatively Bde tells each unit when they will run MATTS weekends - with units allowing soldiers from other units to attend. Keeps instructors happy and reduces the MATTS burden on the training prgramme
  11. or Ops Maj 8 Sigs Regt rings up Ops Maj 4 Sigs Regt and says 'Do you want to send your MATTS instructors on our MATTS weekend? And obviously you can send yours on ours'
  12. I am one of the repeat attenders (offenders?) but I don't do it for the cash, I do it for the practice, time spent on the ranges is rarely time wasted IMO, even when I pass my APWT I go again if there is any ammo left and everyone else has passed (I wouldn't use other peoples ammo if they still had to qaulify).

    Also to catch up with mates and take a break from civvy life and I enjoy it, some people pay to play soldiers at weekends (airsoft) we get paid for it! :lol:

    It just makes a change from boring drill nights.
  13. When our unit has MATTS weekends scheduled, either there are no instructors for the ones you need BCD etc, or in my case you miss them all as they coincide with recruit training. I wonder how I'm going to pass.
  14. i know exactly where your all coming from just spent a lovely two weeks in weymouth for annual camp and due to a shotage of instructors they had me double booked to do the BCD matts and at the same time the CBRN matt, this was run for the first week after a full day instructing on modules all day, the second week saw me assisting on the range doing WHT,S and range safty whilst i need all of the above HAPPY DAYS and we didnt even get a day off. Whats that all about then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  15. Its because you're a useless whinging cunt bagpuss :)

    MATTS? What are those then? My mob havn't even had a MATTS weekend yet!