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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Boxy, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. In the RHQ bit but may, only may get more sense here, can you still PVR? I've had the question asked but being a STAB now it doesn't apply , we just don't tipp in!
  2. from what I understand PVR only exists if you are signed on for a certain amount of years

    But as nearly all people now sign on open engagement then no it does not exist
  3. You can still PVR. It just means you're out after a couple of months rather than 12 months notice.
  4. Thanks for that guys I wasn't too sure about the open egagement one.
  5. You don’t need to PVR in the same way as before, thanks to JPA. You can now log on and click the “sign off” button. However, this seems to show an exploitable weakness in the new system.

    Some things just don’t mix well, like JPA and the internet. Let’s say, someone started to post about every one signing off as a protest on a set date. The internet is a particularly good medium for this type of action (which I would like to point out is probably a mutinous act, so don’t do this at home! ie. don’t do this, I am just pointing this out…Not recommending it)

    JPA enables most soldiers to log on and click the sign off button. Without having any interviews or questioning off your actions. Imagine the consternation if a thousand people signed off in one day due to an internet campaign.

    Just a thought!
  6. One clicked the beige button of death and never told me. He was two months short of his resettlement, tough shite, the old system he would have got the full whack!!!
  7. FFS by button! that's crazy, and that's a non negotiable(sp)? you can't have second thoughts, or an interview a la strima?
  8. I agree that with JPA it is easy to sign off, however

    once said soldier signs off on JPA a workflow notification goes through to his line manager, who has to interview this soldier and either recommends he can leave on a certain date or not.

    Then that workflow notification is again passed onto the soldiers commanding officer to action,

    This has just happened to a soldier of mine who tried to sign off whilst time barred (even though he didn't renew his terms of service after a career course)
  9. Ok W_F_G seeing your a very trusted Senior member of ARRSE and I respect your comments a lot Ive read between YOUR lines and got your message now in bold .

    Ok let us know the time and date and we are all behind you, oh great one :wink: .