Repealing The Magna Charta pt. II

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. From the Associated Press:

    Home Secretary Charles Clarke announced that the government will be seeking legislation to issue "control orders" restricting the movements and activities of persons within the UK, citizens or aliens, as to whom it professes that there exist "reasonable grounds" to suspect participation in terrorist activity.

    It was not clear to me, from the linked report, whether the power to issue these "control orders" is to be conferred upon the criminal courts, the Crown Prosecution Service, or the Home Office.

    The enactment could authorize the competent authority, whoever that might be, to order that the putative terrorist:

    ** is restricted from access to the Internet or other telecommunications.

    ** is subject to a curfew.

    ** is electronically "tagged." (With a subcutaneous microprocessor and miniaturized antenna, a la "Digital Angel," perhaps?)

    ** is subject to house arrest.

    "Britain Seeks New Powers In Terror Fight" 26 January 2005,0,5402110.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines
  2. Tell you what....

    Why dont we just tag the whole population?

    If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear.

  3. The Magna Charta? Written under duress anyway, You a septic? They like all that bolocks, bits of agreements on bits of paper.
  4. Just like the Neue Arbeit thievery you love so much - bits of agreements on bits of paper.

    Am currently listening to Genesis - Selling England by the Pound. Ironic, eh?
  5. I am please that I am not the only person who finds this worrying.

    This bunch are turning this country into more of a dictatorship by the day.

    If these rules are passed then anyone can be subjected to the "Control Order", with out trial and without evidence that will stand up in court.

    Today its terror suspects, tomorrow its the fox hunters , the day after its you.

    The problem with laws like these is that they are so easy to expand once on the statute books, with out a vote, and without public consultation.

    In my opinion there is no threat that can justify the loss of freedom that is being proposed. :x
  6. Why be surprised? Neue Arbeit have shown a consistent line in control-freakery ever since they were elected. Sadly, for lack of a credible alternative, the to**ers are a stick-on certainty for re-election, despite everything. Where are you now, Guy Fawkes, when we need you most? :twisted:
  7. Amen to that Yeoman. And ultimately of course, it'll rest on the soldiery to enforce this oppressive legislation.
  8. A well known quote referring to the Holocaust:

    Martin Niemöller
  9. Oracle

    Thanks for teh quote, It was the one I had in mind but could not remember it fully.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Another quote Yeoman, this one is sadly apt in present day Britain:

    "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin
  11. Surely the reason for this leglislation is that it is an alternative to indefinite detention for terrorist suspects after the govt were forced to change the law?

    If I was Abdullah-The-Terrorist, being tagged at home in front of the TV sounds a lot more liberal than Belmarsh.
  12. Unfortunatly the ones telling them who the terrorists are our are beloved secret intelligence services . who when not being infiltred by the russians running off to the media when someone suggests killing gaddfi
    and then failing to do it .Messing up the whole wmd thing .getting pissed and lossing laptops . And when anyone sugests they are not doing a good job hide behind official secrets act .They make mod procurment
    look competant oh well thats me locked up as a subversive :)
  13. Awol

    The point is that they are being punished without being tried, regardless of what the punishment is.

    I may be old fashioned, but one of the reasons that I joined up was so that things like that did not happen in this country. It seems that we have defeated the Nazis and the Soviets only to throw those hard won freedoms away so that we can be safe.

    Safe from who? the terrorists or the state?
  14. Hi. have been away for a little while. I feel moved on this topic to point out that the reason these sh1t measures are being proposed is that we as a country cannot return unwanted "citizens" to thier respective countries without falling foul of the good old human rights legislation now in place (you can't send me back I might be killed) [/i]who actually gives a fcuk

    If thse people are "held" the circumstances should be investigated then. Suspect means exactly that Suspected of something.

    I do not condon what was done to thse people neither do I condone spending millions on keeping them in belmarsh. I is a lot cheaper to put them on a plane back to their country, revoke any visa/citizenship whether full or otherwise, have incontrivertable(?spelling) proof that they are suspect and make it public.

    At the end, introduce a more restrictive entry policy similar in nature to Oz/Canada/USA. And instead of just waving the red passport carrier through customs, check every one (increase in employment is a good thing)

  15. [quote="Oracle
    A well known quote referring to the Holocaust:

    Martin Niemöller[/quote]

    During GULAG in the Soviet Union's criminal element had a phrase they used with regularity against the "political prisoners" - it was "You Today, Me Tomorrow".

    This nonsense must be stopped. The 4 AQ terrorists appear not to be so after their lengthy stay at Guantanamo but for the others in UK at the moment...what happens to them? I'm certainly no milk and water liberal, vote Tory etc etc but where does it stop? With the defeat of Bliar and his gang of sycophantic cronies.