Repayment Of An Overissue

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by newguy, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I was recently given an overissue of £3000 in which tax was deducted, bringing the total down to £2500 roughly. Anyway my pay office have got in contact with me and told me that I have to return all of the £3000. Is this legal, cos I will be out of pocket by £500. I will be able to pay the £2500 back, then they say the rest will be taken from my pay monthly. Please help cos I don't believe this is fair.
  2. From my other half - a pay whizz:

    'Go to the Pay Office and speak to the FSA or Sys Coord and ask for the Overissue Sheet which has been sent from Glasgow. That will detail your repayment schedule. And £3000 is a large overissue - what are your lot doing?'

    Hope this helps - if not, fire a PM my way and I'll get it across to her.
  3. Hi Darth, I did nought wrong it was Glasgow they owed me £700 from mucking up my pay for the last year. They decided to give me £3000 though after demoting me and then repromoting me (this does not include the £700). The payment of £2500 came through my pay after tax. They now want £3000 back cos of the overissue. So in the long run even though I was owed £700, I will receive roughly £80. Which sucks. Without having to pay back the £500 extra cos of tax I would come away with about £550 which would have been fine. I have tried to get the money back from IR but I doubt it will be as much as £300 let alone £500. Please help, I ain't got a clue what to do. Tried talking to my FSA who virtually told me to F off.
  4. Hang on chap - I'll get her to have a look at this when she's out of the bath!
  5. Darthette_Doctrinus sez:

    Firstly if you have been overtaxed you should see a decrease in the amount that is deducted the following month. No consolation I grant you but you really do need to badger the pay guys. I know most of them are monsters but they are the only ones that can help. Rather than have the overissue, you could pay it all back via the Imprest Account held by the FSA. Like I said you should get the tax back and on the overissue sheet it should give you a breakdown of the payment amount due, over how many months and credits back (i.e. tax and national insurance). The other option if you get no help is fax me a copy of your paystatement!!!

    Hope this helps I know when Glasgow screw things up they do it real well!
  6. cheers darth darthette, I will have to wait till my next pay statement to see how much tax I do get back, if its not enough I will have to try and get a tax refund, else my FSA will see alot more of me over the coming months.
  7. Newguy. I too have been dramatically overpaid - in the same ballpark as you. From August to January I received Germany LOA and I hadn't realised (my pay statements were being sent to my old unit in ... Germany and they weren't sending them on. The first time I knew anything about it was when all 5 statements arrived in the same envelope at Christmas. It's hard to know your pay is wrong without looking at a pay statement!

    My pay office have been fairly helpful. The overissue sheet is waiting for me in the pay office. Apparently I have to agree to the repayment amount before they can start nicking the money back. Do you reckon they'd go for £1 per month?
  8. You do realise you can access your pay statements online, I presume the other side would say, about £172 a month is hard to miss.
  9. Yeah, I do now.

    Mmm. I'd returned from UK on promotion so was expecting a pay rise. My quarter was a different standard to Germany (ie falling down) so I was paying less for it. I really had no idea what I was expecting to earn. Imagine my horror...
  10. newguy,

    I had a bloke in the same sort of situation last year. Get your FSA to phone the overissues dept in APC and ask them if they have APPLIED for the tax refund being the diff between The gross amount of £ 3000 and £ 2500 you ACTUALLY RECEIVED. Tell the FSA you will pay back the NET amount and wait until the APC refund your tax before you pay the rest of the dough back.

    Hope this helps mate
  11. Cheers Jock
    I did speak to the FSA who is a retired WO1. She told me virtually to F off, and said any tax issues is between me and the tax man. I do promise though that if I don't get the money back owed then Soldier mag will be receiving a letter. What takes the p**s now is the fact I have just been given another bank credit from Glasgow for £950 for Loa, which should just have been just £150, luckily its Loa and not taxed cos I can see I'll have to repay that aswell. God they are really gettin on me tits now
  12. Hi,
    In January 2014 I was sent on Recovery Leave to await a referral back to my surgeon. I informed my Company Clerk to stop HDT I was receiving. In April 2015 I was assigned to a Personnel Recovery Unit (PRU) prior to being Medically Discharged. Assignment administration checks at the PRU identified that HDT had not been stopped and a request for recovery was sent to my previous unit; total amount being £3876.46 . The civvi clerk told me that I should have been aware of the situation by checking my pay statements, something that I could not have done as my statements were never posted or given to me on recovery visits by the unit? The clerk added that I could have checked my statements on armynet, but I informed her that I was on a secure payroll and my statements did not appear on that system???
    I received a letter stating that this overissue was being 'recovered from my statement of earnings or if after discharge deducted from my pension reserve. I spoke with RAWO who informed me that the overissue was a failure by the unit because this matter should have been identified and stopped using JPA Move and Track, WISMIS and Medical Records, and should have never been able to reach such a large amount?
    I completed an Objection Against Recovery form stating all the above. I have now been informed by the PRU that they have received a letter from SPVA stating that the debt will not be waived and will be recovered from my pension reserve.
    I totally understand when in receipt of my Termination Grant, this amount of money will not cause me any financial hardship. But, surely I was not at fault to why HDT was not stopped????

    Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  13. [As I have stated in your other thread:]

    Did you, or did you not receive £3876.46 that you should not have received?

    You did. Therefore you have to pay it back.
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  14. I got all my final pay on discharge at depot, imagine my surprise four weeks later when I received a cheque for the same amount. Of course I considered it to be a goodwill gesture, cashed it, and left the country the next day.
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  15. Excellent - so you'd be able to lend @BlueMachineGunner £3876.46 to help him out then ;-)
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