Repayment of 10k Army Reserve recruiting bonus if i leave after first year


So after joining the reserves i qualified and received the first payment of £2000 i have worked towards and qualified for my first payment of £3000 in April however now for personal reasons i will have to now have to leave shortly after in July, thus my question is will i have to repay this? There is nothing that i saw in the paperwork whilst signing about repayment. Please can anybody enlighten me?
Thanks in advance


I think the £2k is a sort of golden handshake, once paid you've got it.

Ditto the £3k after a year.

The payments add up to. £10k, other than that they are not linked.

Speak to your G1 chap. Also investigate ways you could stay in, rather than leave. There are options if you don't want to completey sever links.

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