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Does anyone know if the UK MoD are obliged to fund & organise Rfn Nash's repatriation to Australia (if required) or does it fall upon the family?

I've just been reminded by a colleague of Flt Lt Pardoel who was (apparently) repatriated here from Iraq after that Herc downing, so I'm guessing the MoD have systems in place to make sure commonwealth nationals get home - if anyone knows differently could they please let me know?

Any info will be gratefully received, just PM.

Good question - I reckon it'll be something like one of these:

1. The RAF fly him to Australia and a funeral party from 1 RIFLES rear party fly from Chepstow to carry out the repatriation ceremony.

2. The RAAF fly him and the Aus Army do the funeral for us with a group of 1 RIFLES there as representatives.

or maybe they have another plan. IIRC one of the Irish Guards killed in Iraq was from the ROI - how did they go about his repatriation, did our guys do it or was it a private affair? I know it's not as far away as Aus but there must have been some sy issues.
The soldier from ROI who was killed recently was a Royal Marine. He was buried with military honours in his home town with a bearer party of his comrades, and a Royal Marines saluting party and bugler in attendance, all in dress uniform. They were hosted by the local Irish Army unit (the Marine had served in the Irish equivalent of the TA), who provided the traditional hospitality you would expect from fellow soldiers.
There were some security concerns but no issues. The Marine was from a popular and highly respected family. Some time ago another ROI domiciled British soldier received similar honours.

The cost of repatriating Rfn Nash will probably be shared by British and Australian funding, and he will receive the full respect for a fallen comrade of both Australian and British service personnel.
Trooper Ratu Babakobau a Fijian serving with the Blues and Royals who featured on "The Fallen" had a bearer party from his regiment shown in Fiji, presume this was MOD funded?

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