Repatriation of War Dead - Brize Norton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. It has been reported that the War dead are to be driven out of the back gate and down side roads to avoid the public when repatriations are flown into RAF Brize-Norton.
    Andrew Robathan, Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, admitted that the decision to avoid public scenes of emotion had been taken deliberately. Words fail me.
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    You don't say? I'm surprised that a website with such a military bent as this one didn't cover the story some days ago when the report first appeared in the Telegraph.

    Would the search function be of any use in future do you think?
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  3. Oh FFS not again

    or the benefit of those who may be confused about the repatriation route from RAF Brize Norton
    by WILLIAM ALDRIDGE FOUNDATION on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 6:14pm

    The choice of gate that will be used for the cortege to exit RAF Brize Norton is a decision for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) – the chosen gate is gate 6 which is on the eastern edge of the station. The reason cited for using this gate were because it is 1) the closest to the purpose built chapel of rest and 2) it causes the least amount of impact on the operational airfield which will, as you will know, be the only AT/AAR base in the UK.

    The route was chosen by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) with subject matter expert guidance from Thames Valley Police (TVP). The chosen route from gate 6 is through the village of Brize Norton, along Carterton Road, Norton Way, Monahan Way, up to the A40 and directly to the JR Hospital. OCC and TVP were tasked with the challenge of identifying the most direct route, without detour, so that the post-mortem can be carried out and the body can be released to the family ASAP, this was requested by the Coroner. Another consideration was that people should be given the opportunity to pay their respects; therefore a special memorial garden will be built with a flagpole that will fly the Union Flag.

    This memorial garden will become the focus for repatriations, the family and friends of the fallen will gather there, the cortege will pause and the family will have the opportunity to place flowers on the Hearse. The flag currently flown at Wooten Bassett will be handed over at the memorial garden. It is also worth noting of course that people are free to pay their respect anywhere on the route as they do at present. Wootton Bassett may be the focus but others pay their respects at various other points on the route.

    Carterton Town Council was not responsible for choosing the exit gate or deciding on the route. As a community they now have a responsibility to ensure that they do the very best they can for the fallen heroes, their family, friends and colleagues, within the constraints that have been placed upon them, as explained above.

    OCC are now coordinating the whole thing and will be involving both parish councils as well as the Royal British Legion.
  4. Search function? The old (locked) thread is currently on the front page of the CA Forum; he just needed to scroll down a little. Perhaps a little hasty in the outrage post there?
  5. BASTARd goBneNt h8S arE DEAD SOlDiERs ItS dIScuSTiNG
  6. OK, (someone is clearly having abad time of the month!) I have been away from normal comms for a bit and do not get UK papers here easily. Early on the outrage? Possibly, although reading links to local press it seems that all is not quite as perfect as you are suggesting. See: BRIZE REPATRIATIONS: Flag is focus of memorial design (From Oxford Mail)

    At least it appears that the powers that be are providing some consideration, whether it has been fully thought through (Parking, Location, Safety Issues, refreshments, shelter, toilets etc) is still a question. Perhaps the real test will come over time.
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  7. Grumblegrunt

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    daily mail and that man hitchens but who knows middle england might take note

  8. This whole thing is nothing more than Attention seeking fuckwits without any connection to the forces, two of who live in the Carterton area, getting outraged about some thing that is none of their ****ing business, one of the gobby cnuts lives in Virginia FFS, but a number of "The Same Old names" are on the members list, the Grief walts, and people who will show their arse in public for five minutes of internet fame, what grabs my shit is the fact that these morons have openly abused members of the families of the dead just because they won't go along with their stupid ideas of what should happen during repatriations,
  9. "Who are we to decide the route is wrong? Are we the grieving parents/partners/children of service men and women? I bet most of us are not. Has anyone noticed the families arent arguing it? because they dont care, they just want their fathers/sons/brothers/mothers/daughters/sisters home!


    Kimi Hillsden
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  10. F@ck off I didn't write that it's a quote from Kimi Hillsden
  11. Kimi Hillsdon also says that “Respect can be paid by anyone, anywhere. The roadside, A lay-by, anywhere you may be”.

    I think that the essence of this must remain Respect to our Fallen and provided that this is maintained, none of us still serving or the families, friends and colleagues of them will feel slighted. I guess the "outrage" has been sparked by a series of misundestandings that frankly should have been dealt with better by both The RAF and local government. If a clear and unabiguous statement that fully explained the situation and intended plan had been released as soon as it was known (and "they" must have had a bit of idea abouth this some time ago) the whole issue could have been trumpeted as a new and better outcome for all concerned in such a dreadful enterprise.

    Separately, it does none of us any good to slag each other off in regard to such a sensitive and important matter, I certainly will retain my personal views of the individuals who have written on here in such a bullish and unpleasant manner. That should be saved for the NAAFI Bar or other threads where we can all give as good as we get.
  12. Sick to death of seeing all these grief walts climbing aboard their outrage hearses on the national news.

    For 99% of them it's got bugger all to do with the dead service personnel and everything to do with getting their picture in the paper or on telly so they can wallow in chav celebrity on facebook.
  13. grief walts ??? we are asked to go there by a committee (CRA) on the next one,, the CRA have been to near everyone of the lads who have come home,, dont put everyone in the same boat plz,,