Repatriation of Soldiers killed in Basra

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by REgards, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Heard on the faithful old BFBS news that the four soldiers killed in IZ earlier this week have been repatriated back to Lyneham, I'm sure all our thoughts are with thier families at this time. Apparently at the request of the families, no MPs were to be present. Good on them for taking that standpoint but then again the lazy feckers don't normally bother their fat arrses anyway. His Tonyness certainly never has - tw@t!
  2. I've recounted this before on this site. At one high profile repatriation, Hoon was physically seperated from the mourning party because several members of the families had explicitly stated that they could not be held responsible for their actions were he allowed to talk to them.

    Politicians have usually been persona non grata at such events, with the exception of local MPs where families have been glad of the support from their friendly local politician. I'm pleased that families are now being given a choice over whether they would like a slimy chap in an ill-fitting suit (Hoon always looked like a bag of nails, even on occasions such as this) to attend or not.
  3. For once I have to say that Blair is probably right not to be present. If he was there then he would be the focus of events not the Service personnel coming home.

    I don't think he has got much right, but maybe this once....
  4. BBC News at lunchtime stated that the lack of Government reptiles was at the families' request.
  5. Without delving into Restricted territory, there are certain protocols for attendance at these events, which govern who attends what.

    That said, respecting the wishes of the family for certain people NOT to be present would seem to be fair enough.
  6. BBC News (Radio 4 14:00BST) kept up their reporting standards by telling us that the bearer party (or whatever they chose to call them) were dressed in "green dress unforms".

    Checked their web site but could only see Khaki No 2 dress.
  7. I cringed when I heard that report.

    Colour blind, stupid, ill-informed or all three?
  8. Definately all three, inbred journalist cnuts.
    Just adding on my Will that if I have to return like these four heroes I dont want any politician scum either, that way they cant put expense claims in.

    GODBLESS you Ladies and gentlemen you've done us proud and we will remember you all.
  9. Hey, BBC 6 PM news' Robert Hall is not that bad - pretty good bloke actually, having worked with him. He does try to get things right, and usually does the right thing by us. Thought he was pretty ok covering the story tonight.

    As for the politicians staying away, fantastic news. Was quite moved by the sight of Wooton Bassett villagers and councillors standing by the side of the road - at least some people still have some respect for our dead.
  10. I agree with you. The sight of the Mayor, Councillors and the good burghers of Wootton Bassett standing still to watch the cortege made me swallow hard. Well done to those who organised that tribute.

  11. Saw this on sky news today when I was working at a holiday camp in north wales, had my own little moment, said a prayer and a thank you, then got on with packing up all the kit to leave. One of the guests caught my eye, gave a slight nod, enough said. I think we were the only ones there to even notice.

    Some people see the world in colour, some dont see fullstop.
  12. Coverage on the BBC 10 o'clock last night wasn't too bad.

    Carried an interview with the mother of the 19 year old medic lass. Now that did bring a lump to my throat.
  13. Still brings a lump to my throat every time I see this kind event being shown. They have done us proud. Unlike the god awful president Bliar and his band of merry men. The families did absolutely the right thing by not letting them anywhere near the dignified repatriation.

    If I ever return under these circumstances, please don't let them near me either.

    God rest their souls.
  14. As always, the repatriation ceremony appears to have been carried out with great dignity, respect and professionalism.
    God Bless them all and their families.
    As far as Bliar and his cohorts are concerned; too much water has passed under the bridge now and any future attempt by any of them to be seen at (the inevitable) next or subsequent return of the fallen should be treated with the contempt it deserves.
    3 years to push and counting.......