Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by oldflyboy, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Repartee – Skill at smart or witty conversation.

    Village pub in Yorkshire and the local laddo’s are discussing the best example of repartee they have ever heard.
    Billy, the village half wit hangs on their every word, then , “Me and my… my brother…. I say, my brother Tommy’s the best I ever ‘eard.” And he pesters them and pesters them until
    eventually the lads get pissed off with him.
    “Ok, Billy, come on, let’s ‘ear about you and your brother Tommy”, one of them says.
    “Well. Me and my brother Tommy, we went t’ circus last month and got right int’ front row, like”.
    “And there were lions and tigers and elephants and pretty ladies riding on ‘orses, and then there were the clowns. Well, the clowns came running and tumbling into t’ ring in a mad group, and one o’ them ran straight over to where me and my brother Tommy was sitting”.
    “He stared at me, and straight to my face, he says, “ Hello there, funny face”.
    “Well, I were struck dumb, I didn’t know what to say”.
    “Not my brother Tommy, quick as a flash, “Fuck of Cunt”, he says back.”