Reparing potholes would make people drive faster

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I'm beyond words...
  2. Easiest answer to these people is to have the roads pulled up. A couple of hours with one of these
    should ensure a nice quiet life for all.
  3. They miss the point that vehicles swerve around potholes and drivers may devote too much attention to the road surface.
  4. Shouldn't worry. It's Essex - practically anything is a pothole to a lowered Saxo with a chrome exhaust and a primer-grey bargeboard spoiler on it.
  5. I think they might have missed the parish counciler saying "It's for the greater good".

    As pointed out above, the cars MAY slow down but the driver will spend so much of their attention time on avoiding pot holes, that they will not be looking out for pedestrians. Or push bikes swerving around them also.

    So, parish counciler.... pretty please, with a cherry on top, FIX THE FCUKING ROADS. And stop making up half baked "road safety schemes". If you want them to slow, actually make road calming measures. Again pretty easy to do.
  6. And the not insignificant point that we actually pay through the nose for the roads to be maintained? Where is that money going then? Yeah, yeah, I know...
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm in agreement. I think there shouldn't be tarmacked roads in the UK at all. I mean, fancy driving along at 70 mph - it's lunacy. With mud and rocks for a road surface, people will drive much more carefully - they sure do in Africa!
  8. Logic - it doesn't exist does it.

    Thank god this guy is not paid by the taxpayer :lol:
  9. Just think how much more money would be available to the MPs for second home expenses fiddles if more money was diverted from road expenditure.
  10. Do they spend anything on the roads then :?

    I'll tell you what they wont slow down, Gimp's truck :twisted:
  11. I bet he hasn't hit a pothole while riding a motorbike! By acknowledging that the potholes exist, as a parish councillor doesn't this make the council liable for any claims for damage caused? At least in his parish.
  12. And I presume the Parish Council are going to foot the bill from the compensation claims for wheel and suspension damage, seeing as they are willfully neglecting their duty of care to their parishoners, and endangering road users?
  13. I think it is possibly time that us motorists pay some form of money towards the maintenance of the highways, some sort of, road tax, if you will?

    Holy Jesus, my tongue just pierced my cheek!
  14. What kind of commie talk is this? You'll be expecting National Insurance to pay for such mundane things as the NHS and pensions next!
  15. Talking of Road Tax, I've only just realised that my kit-car Im rebuilding is not Tax Exempt!
    The rules were changes and it now has to be pre 1972................ Bastards slipped that by me!