Reparations - believe it or not!

I was just browsing youtube today and came across a strange little vid. It was the International Centre for British Reparations or something (ICBR), and I warched it thinking that, since it was about Britian, it would be mint :)

But i kept on viewing, and i kid you not, it went on to saying the Americans want compensation for oppression during British rule 500 bloody years ago! haha but thats not the strangest part.

They want cash as their compensation; $8350 for every single American. The maths works like this:

$2,505,000,000,000 (yes, thats right, the entire UK GNP)

but not only this, it went on to say that the entire old British empire wanted compensation haha! Which equalled a total of $52 trillion!

I cant be bothered to fault every single thing wrong on this peice of sh!t vid, not to mention the wales part. But heres the quick and simple version:

Heres the best one lol:

Imaginative lot, yanks.
exactly! But apparently they all paid everyone off..
Personally I just think the Americans are naffed that someone actually beat them down for the first time in their ages-old history.

Obviously no thought going behind this sort of thing.
Just don't tell Tony, because the cnut will want to pay it.
dingerr said:
Just don't tell Tony, because the cnut will want to pay it.
If the Yanks were claiming reparations for all of Cheries freebies, then I'd support it!!!
I believe it as it's already been done to death and back again.

Already done

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