Repair to G-shock watches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cider_Glider, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Well, as the title says, my G-shock G-100-1BV is in need to repair. However, I am not even sure that its possible / economical to do it!

    After 5 years of use, the strap has ripped away at the pin due to the rubber/plastic/vinyl strap degrading and becoming worn away. The watch itself is fine and working perfectly so im a bit loathed to mag to grid the whole watch, but i from what i can see, the pin mount is smaller than a normal watch strap. I would like to get the strap replaced by casio, but I couldnt see any way of contacting them directly on the website, they all seem to to go through dealers, and as i have no idea where the watch came from, i cant take it back to the place from whence it came!!

    So, basically, ARRSE i need your help!!

    Has anyone had the same problem of the strap degrading and splitting?

    Has anyone had the strap replaced and knows where to get it done!

    Anyone want half a G-shock watch? lol

    Thanks in advance

  2. I sent mine to a Casio place in North London, it was their head gaff in England I think, I'll see if I can find the address when I get home later. They serviced it and changed the strap, quite reasonable price too. Hang fire mate.

    Found it, this is where I sent it:
  3. Cheers for the steer there!

    JD, what process did you go through? sent it off? got a price for repair then gave go ahead or what?

    Thanks for the fast ressponse!

  4. #this Happened to my G shock watch which was a few years old. Casio have changed the way that the straps attach to the watch and couldn't repair it so I had to get a new un. They did offer a small discount but my mate travels to the US on business a few times a year and picked me up a new 'un for £17.
  5. Ahd the same problem with my Casio G-Shock DW6100 which was 10 years old at the time and took it to the watch repair bloke at Fenwicks in Newcastle. For £8 he replaced the entire strap for an identical one he happened to have in stock. It might not be an original Casio part but it is identical in everyway and is still going strong over two years later. I had been quoted all sorts of funny money by reputable jewellers who'd have to send it away to Casio etc. It was done in 2 mins for a bargain. Same bloke now has a watch repair place in the Metro centre......if you are ever up here of course :D
  6. The part number is 523 F4 16 but i cant find that on the tiktox site (which is quite a good site btw) So it looks like its going back to Casio in London!!

    Thanks again

  7. The part number is 523 F4 16 but i cant find that on the tiktox site (which is quite a good site btw) So it looks like its going back to Casio in London!!

    Thanks again

  8. Try Timpsons. I've just given them a call as that was the repair place in Fenwicks. They don't have any G-shock straps in stock at the moment but with the right details they should be able to order one in and it takes 2-3 weeks and the minimum charge is £15-95. He suggested bringing in the watch as there might be an alternative solution adn that way they could also be sure that they ordered the correct strap.

    I am sure that there are timpsons elsewhere in the country.
  9. Went to a local indoor market in Cardiff and used a cheapo jewelers stall cost me about £4 and still going strong after 5 or 6 years not a rel casio strap but it works and looks pretty much the same. Most towns have these markets ....good luck
  10. msr

    msr LE

    25% discount on armynet ;)

  11. Had my G-Shock for over 12 years now in Germany and never had a problem as of yet. Its even got a made in THAILAND stamp on the bank :oops: just to think some lady boy might of made it.

    Just reminded me of Trigger there with the medal for the brush in only fools and horses, obviously this one with watches rather than brooms.
    Ive had the same watch for 20 years and never had a problem, its had 10 different straps and 12 new batteries :wink:

    Ok its fcuking cold and windy in the Falklands and Ive had a shite day so got to try and cheer myself up. :cry:
  12. I got in touch with them and told them what I required and they just said to pop it in the post, I'd had my G Shock about 8 years and they still had the strap and parts for it even though the watch was out of production. Can't fault the service I must admit.
  13. Simply remove the strap and superglue the watch to your wrist. Never worry about straps again.

    Your welcome
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