'Renting' white fleet

Discussion in 'RLC' started by cheese, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. I reckon this is the place for an MT guru.

    I am after information; i believe there is a system where you can effectively 'hire' white fleet for personal use for a small fee. Obviously this is when it's done through proper channels, which it would need to be on this occasion. I remember a talk on FMT 1000s and someone commenting on a box, but that's very vague. Would be interested in saving myself a few pounds moving a big lump...

  2. Damn budget cuts are ruining buckshee diesel and mt fleet vans at the weekend.
  3. On the FMT1000 there is an option for 'repayment journey', and if used you fill in the repayment journeys in red on the work ticket

    The things that will matter are permission to do so and the cost.
    I asked about it years ago and was told it would be expensive, so easier and cheaper to use a hire company

    A thing that may complicate it these days is how much of the fleet is not owned by the mod and this may add other issues such as sub hiring

    JSP800 will be the required reading on regulations
  4. Ah the good old days, when in house unit driver training was carried out.

    The route today will test your skills in the use of forward and reserve gears and manovering in tight spaces, i.e. we are going to the electrical store to pick up a tele, fridge etc and take it to my private house.

    Ah the good old days!!!
  5. Does white fleet have tracker system installed now, so even if you did hire it someone could watch exactly where you went.
  6. my understanding (and without sitting down to read the whole of JSP 800 on a sunday night!) was that 'red pen' repayment journeys have been stopped completely and in return the bean counters looked through the kind of journeys that were authorised for repayment and cancelled some and turned the rest in to authorised journeys with out repayment.

    So depending on what you want the vehicle for you might be able to get as an auth task if not alot of hire companys (especially including those who provide the military ones) offer military discount
  7. Best deal I've ever brokered was with Thrifty through the Forces Discounts site.