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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TC1989, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey just wanted some information from anyone about the rules etc. on renting a propery to live off camp near wattisham.
    whats the procedure etc with sorting the admin out? who do i speak to and how easy is it?

    My situation is that i hope to soon be moving to the area with my girlfriend when i finish trade training and could really use some decent advice about it all

  2. TC1989,

    You will almost certainly not be able to "Live Out" so soon after Trade Training. Permission to live out would almost certainly need to be given by your OC, they would need to be satisfied that you are capable of living "out of the fold" and are not an admin nightmare.

    Your best bet is to inform your CoC as soon as you are posted in that you would like to live out at some time in the future. Show them that you are capable of looking after yourself and once you have given it a while (six months or so) approach your CoC again.

    If your girlfriend moves into the area before you have been given permission to live out, you should be able to book out of camp and stay with her, but you will need to have a bedspace in the block.

    You are going to have to jump through a few hoops (with the CoC and your girlfriend) before this happens.

  3. Thanks its seems that as this is the case then simply booking out every evening and back in for start of next day will be best way around it intialy, plus it would still be beneficail to have a bedspace on camp any way to store kit etc and as long as its all ways in an "inspection ready" state it wouldn't be a drama would it thanks again
  4. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    There is no booking in and out procedure at WFS (only during silent hours - and that's just to let them know you're leaving the base).

    Living out will almost certainly be granted as there is limited accommodation on camp and the immediate vicinity and a massive proportion of the personnel there occupy the surrounding towns and villages.

    What you need to do is find out who your new OC will be soonest, and get a letter penned ASAP. The standard reply is 'Granted' followed by the 'will have no hesistation in withdrawing this permission should your service life suffer as a result etc' statement.

    If you need any advice - send me a PM with your contact details and I will be in touch.


  5. Thanks DC,
    This sounds pretty promising ive been doing some other research into it and discovered a large number of people commenting on just how over crowded Wattisham is. I should propably explain that im looking at this situation well in advanced as im not due to finish my class 3 Aviation tech course untill june 2011 and ive not even got my posting to wattisham yet but as ive been told repeatedly that if i want wattisham ill get it, as most people have the opposite feelings and would kill to get a Germany posting, haha.

    Just better to be well prepared, althuough at the moment the cost of rent and the cost of living seems to be abit unrealistic for a young couple.

    Im not sure about anyone else but i often feel that the Army is setup to encourage people to get married early on, so that they can live out and have the cheaper rates of renting on the pads, and although it makes good sense financially as a short term fix for moving out from "mum" its a very bad idea in the longterm both for the relationship and the longterm fiscal situation.

    I dont suppose anyone knows of people who commute from Chelmsford (Essex) to Wattisham? or how feasible this would be?.

  6. i would recce all the shortcuts if you're going to live that far out, my section relocated from colly to the sham and it only takes one fuckup at the A12/A14 interchange or even anywhere on the A12 (regular occurance) to ruin your day. 1 sgt used to come from southend and would have to leave at sparrows fart. Not saying don't live in chelmsford but look closer first.
  7. dragon825 has it in a nutshell. Chelmsford is too much of a hike and, as he said, the A12 can be a sod when it goes wrong. T o deviate X country if the 12 is shut is not really on.

    Locally, Stowmarket or Ipswich are your best bets for rental: the rents are lower than C'ford and Colly. Both are a bit chavvy but, hey, that's what you get once released to Care in The Community. As a yardstick, I rent my 5-year old 3 bed end terrace in Stowmarket for £575 pm: you can pick up good 2-bedders from about £450. Stowmarket and Ipswich are about 8 and 12 miles respectively from Wattisham.
  8. plus we haven't mentioned winter as those 8/12 miles are on pants back roads, ever remember the "good" old days when the pads lived in woodbridge and you were forever covering for them on icy/snowing days!! hanger was like marie celeste
  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT


    It's cheaper than an Asda Smartprice Thai hooker living in Suffolk. As FZC points out, you can get some quality digs for a reasonable wedge. I own a place in the centre of town - and it fetches £525pcm (of which the letting agents then take their cut), and that's for a three bed place. By the sounds of things you'll only need a one bed place ...or two for when you're in the doghouse or she 'forgets' to take her pill.

    Like VG, I wouldn't want to commute from Chelmsford every day. That A12 is the main artery through EA and it does get pretty hairy during the rush hours with little alternative to go around. And on a personal note, I wouldn't live in Stowmarket for free. It is one of the most depressing little towns I have ever come across - full of chavs and close-knit country bumpkins that all know each other. There's even a one-size-fits-all Tesco on the outskirts of town, safely ensuring the prevention of any small business enterprises developing in the 'town' centre.

    Oh - and a little word of warning - WFS is no longer a 'guaranteed posting'. Even if you're specialist trained, highly experienced and ideal for a post within a specific location, you can almost count on APC to send someone else into it, whilst packing you and your nearest off to the outer reaches of galactic space under MS binding principle of "the needs of the service must come first".

    Believe it or not, that is typed with no cynicism - shit doesn't always turn out according to plan that's all. And it's something you'll need to get used to!
  10. Ok i get the impression here that wattisham is the posting that no techs want atm and if i was to get posted anywhere else i can swap it with a course mate as im in the position of wanting the undesirable place and can use that to my advantage espcially as i should be rocking up as a Lcpl too