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One of my fellow seniors has recently divorced and has been put in the Mess. Unfortunately he has all his furniture and kit spread around camp in various stores. The mess is too small for him and he is looking for a flat. The rent in the area we are in for unfurnished is extremely expensive. I thought he was just whimging the other day so I gave him a hand looking.

There are properties available, however with high cost of rent before utilities it is practically undoable. Is there a scheme in place where soldiers can get assistance with the cost of rent?

He does not qualify for SSSA. He is to old to live in a pokey room in the Mess.


Unfortunately not. Lodging allowance is normally only received for short-term (30 days) but can be longer dependent upon circumstances - but the receipient must satisfy the criteria for SSSA eligibility, and as you already stated he is not entitled. (JSP 752 Chap 2 Sect 1).

Generally speaking, if there is no accommodation available on camp then SSSA is sourced. If he has children he could apply for surplus SFA - JSP 464 Chap 10 refers.

Your best bet however, is to get him to approach the UWO for further advice. They will know first hand what accommodation is available, how to go about putting a case together, if one exists. As with most of the regulations, there are always measures in place to individually vet cases based on welfare grounds. These however, nearly always will involve a letter from the CO, as well as several interviews.

I suspect that if it is simply a case of having 'too much stuff', then this will be given the old prongs.

Based on that, I therefore suggest several options:

1. Griz it out - have a car boot sale and make some money out of it.
2. Property share - there's always cheap digs about, provided that you're prepared to share with students, or even get one or two of his muckers on board.
3. Pay the higher rent - if he's not based in London, Reading, Winchester - I suspect he'd be able to find a gaff around the £500pcm mark.
4. Shop around - don't just look on property websites - get chatting to local farmers, pubs etc - somebody will always know someone who has a small house, cottage, flat that's empty and yet they're paying the mortgage on it anyway. Remember - letting agents make money out of it, and so your best bet (and probably cheapest) is to network and find the hidden gems. It'll be worth it.

Good luck!


Cheers David, have printed this off and will bring it in for this afternoon.


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