Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere:

    Rent-a-regiment as Army leases troops for films

    ARMY chiefs are hiring out soldiers as film extras, the Ministry of Defence confirmed.

    The MoD is advertising its buildings, troops and expert advice to movie makers on two film industry websites.

    A spokesman for the MoD said: "Any money that the MoD makes from these activities goes into the public funds and is an excellent way to make taxpayers' money go further." On the website the Army offers a "one-stop shop" for all filming requirements in the UK and abroad.

    The advert reads: "A vast range of authentic buildings and areas exemplifying many specific historical periods, wide tracts of land, lakes, coastal scenes and woodland, unmarked by modern features, form the Army Estate.

    "We can also source a huge range of military equipment and memorabilia available to be used as props.

    "There is scope for soldiers who are in between training or active engagements to take part in selected productions as extras," the advert added.

    Sandhurst, where Prince Harry is training, is one of the film locations advertised on the site.

    Well, will the "soldiers who are in between training or active engagements" receive additional pay for working as extras? Will they be forced to do it?

    C.O "Gather round men, all leaves been cancelled"
    Tom " Why sir?"
    C.O "Directors not happy with the first three scenes, they'll have to be shot again"
  2. If bandies are allowed to retain performance royalties on CD sales, I don't see why others shouldn't.
  3. Troops are forever being hired out since longtime. Is the difference, that there is now a unit dedicated to pimping squaddies , as opposed to the usual "You get a days pay , your appearance fee is going into the Regimental Xmas pi55up" ?

    I'm sure some here did Saving Private Ryan, one or two might have done Band of Brothers, some did Warriors I think.

    Anyone done any movie moonlighting? Dalziel and Pascoe and All Quiet spring to mind :D
  4. Full Metal Jacket. :wink:

    Tenth squaddie on the left getting beasted over the assault course. 8O
  5. BA in-flight info to Hong Kong 85 to god knows when, advertising Jumbos Restaurant, all 100+ sitting down scoffing at a rate of knots staff from BMH HK, 45 secs scene retaken 4 times plus due to someone or other empting their larger glass before the filming started.

    Got nothing other than a few drinks & a reasonable meal, unit got the hockey pitch returfed.

    Plus Soldier, Soldier when filmed at CMH Aldershot - Second fat corporal forever on fag break
  6. I have conflicting views on this.
    One half of me says bollox, I joined the army to soldier, not to ponce around in the entertainment industry.
    The other half says that it is a good thing; how many films or TV productions have you seen where they have actors playing British squaddies convincingly? Let's face it, with the exception of Dog Soldiers, they always manage to arrse it up. It would make a nice change to see it done properly for once.
  7. Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart were filmed using Irish Army reservists
  8. You were at the (then) recently closed RAF Binbrook Flash? That part of the film has some of the best one-liners in the history of cinema. I'm sure some Brit DS had to have been on the writing staff. No spam could dream that stuff up.

    (Hint for spotters: When the recruits are marching down the road at 'Parris Island' all the road markings are the wrong way around and all the buildings have a distinct Crab Air look to them.)
  9. Bassingbourn . Binbrook was Memphis Belle.

    Bassingbourn is still open (Army) as far as I am aware , went to an airshow there years ago , celebration of the B-17 or some such.
  10. Edited because I just realized how boring my statement actually was. I'm off to get a beer and watch the game on tv.
  11. if you look closely you can see where a red telephone box has been covered up in hessian
  12. The Irish FCA (Reservists) did do Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart and they got paid the daily reservists rate for it AND the going rate for extras. So they got paid double.
  13. Full Metal Jacket was was ATR Bassingbourne, formerly Depot, Queens Div. My friend, TheManWho, was permanent staff there when FMJ was being filmed. I remember him showing me pictures of some of the sets.

    The beach landing in Saving Private Ryan was filmed in Ireland but a lot of the rest was filmed in UK. Tom Hanks' stunt double is/was a Sgt in the HAC. We were in Bosnia together just after he'd finished filming. I saw it on R&R when it opened and so saw it before stunt double, who was in it!
  14. London OTC cadets and some of the PSIs were in Channel 4's Moseley (Inf PSI from PWRR was Moseley's bodyguard in film), they also did Saving Pte Ryan, Gladiator (battle scenes in woods in Herts?) and many many more. £75 a day was the going rate when I was with them as staff but never got to join in as always too dammed busy!
  15. That may be true, but all the Saving Private Ryan urban scenes were filmed on a set built on the runway of the old De Haviland aircraft factory in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The extras in these scenes were supplied by "20/20" Productions who had recruited a lot of UOTC cadets who were on their summer holidays from University.

    I was in the scene where Tom Hanks is lying dying on the bridge and a load of yank squaddies run past him. You can definately see my legs.