Renny Lently. Does anyone remember this camp.


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Is Renny Lently a figment of my imagination? I' sure I went there several times as a Cadet and once or twice doing AT as a grown up. I can't find any reference to it on Google and everyone I know denies it ever existed. Even people I'm sure I went there with.

I'm sure its on the coast somewhere near Plymouth.
If you look on google maps and search for Heybrook Bay then scroll north along the cliffs there are 3 disused gun emplacements. The camp was just north of this position beyond where there are some isolated houses. The road forks left at a right angle junction. I think that was the old entrance.
As I remember it was " HELL ON EFFIN EARTH" cold,wet, bridge jump,Admarals leap,Gunnislake death slide, and of course pass off trek,God how did I survive

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