Renny and Lentney Camp - Pics

Discussion in 'RAC' started by liverpool49, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi All
    A couple of pics of the camp, with and without huts


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  2. With huts on bottom left bluff top


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  3. Erm, why not post these pics in the gallery?? :roll:
  4. Maybe i dont know where it is, i have enough trouble finding my way home from the the the, you know what i mean.
  5. where is the old gun emplacement thought you would be able to see it better from the sky can also make out the crappy assault course behind the ps block well that truly bought back memories especially the swim test just down the hill
  6. good god that just brought shudders over me...i hated the place.
  7. The gun emplacements were just in front of the nissan huts, nearerst the cliff, which we were told were haunted - well, any 15 year old would have believed it! From what I recall, we used to follow the path down from the nissan huts and down the cliffs to the briny for a morning dip but if you look at the latest photo on Google Earth, there seems to have been alot of cliff erosion as they are now sheer and getting down to the sea would involve abseiling. The photo looks eerie but brings back some (fond?) memories like on arrival you would race to the hut to get a bed in the centre of the hut, nearest to the stove, otherwise you'd freeze your gonads off sleeping near the door. The morning trek to the cookhouse on wet and windy days seemed to take forever so thank god for Mrs Macs tuck shop!
  8. I remember my first camp there in 1971, we where given paliases (spelt that wrong) and told to go to the old gun implacement to fill it with straw for out matterass. Had to watch that we didnt scoop up a few rats while we where doing this.
  9. Me too, the barracks were crap, the food was crap. I was there back in the dark ages (65-67) when we had leather ammo boots. My boots were soaking wet soooooo, I put them on the coal stove to dry out over night. The next morning they were dry alright but the leather soles had cracked in two and destroyed the boots. As you can guess, I was back for days in the cookhouse scrubbing pots and pans again, just like at home.

  10. renny lentney brings cold shivers down my back ,i'd like to see it again and only see it.what part of uk isit in? :x
  11. near plymouth :roll:
  12. Best time of my life.............As an instructor. Plym. Matelots wives. The Breakwater-pub, not something you swam to. The Royal Oak. God got a boner just thinking about it.
  13. For all you Rennyaphiles a final update. Went back yesterday for a wander round. The cookhouse, guardroom and mess buildings have all been converted into very plush houses with two also very plush houses built where the green hut that sold a few stickies and the caretakers accomadation were. You can access the huts area via the footpath that ran through the camp but the rest is cordened off with masses of private signs, gates with barbed wire etc. The road that connected the huts with the main camp is gated off and now almost completely overgrown. All a bit sad really. I might go back and take a few close up photos, risking the wrath of the locals, and post them on here.

    Hope you all have a great Christmas.
  14. I hope the place gets bulldozed, nuked and blanket bombed..... making sure they incinerate those 'escalation' chariots too.

    Vile, horrid, cold, place
  15. Ahhhh Escalation! What fun that was. How far was it? I can't remember for the life of me, was it about 5 miles? I do know that it was fecking hard work!

    I did it twice whist at JLR. I remember one of our short arrses was on the T bar during the river section and tripped over, the whole chariot went over him but to his credit he got straight back up again.