Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mackey, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. has any one been in training more then twice i want to renlist but i hate rejection im 28 i thought my time had past until they upped the age limit and with the troop shortage just wanderd if the chances are as good as any now likw
  2. If you are being serious, the best thing to do is take your Record of service in to the ACIO and give details of
    how long you did?
    why you got out?
    what you've done with your life since leaving?

    They will check all your elligability questions and if everything seems in order will send a special enlistment letter to Glasgow and let the desk officer decide if they should give you the chance to re-enlist.

    point of interest how long did you serve?
    Why did you leave and at what stage?

    Its easier going back into the same job but the recruiter will explain all this to you. Get the ball rolling you dont know until you have tried.
  3. thanks for the advice i joined rlc to start with when i got to training i wanted to b a para but they wouldnt let me transfer so i got out rejoined half way through depot para they binned me for having a heart murmor rejoined again later then got sevre shin splints ive blazed through selection every time and some of the people that have got to battlion is unreal its proving a nightmare for me i had a letter come the other day asking if i was intrested coz there was vacancys just wonderd if they would think im a time waster you no
  4. Go to the ACIO with the letter and other bits as advised and go for it, you have nothing to lose.
  5. ok thanks alot m8
  6. And try and make sure you are quite sure which you want to join, LoL ;)