OK. it's in the recruiting thread and I don't want to make light of a serious part of the board, but is this a wind up?

Where would you think the Army would post avionics technicians?
Joined at 16 as PARA junior entry at Harrogate . After 7 months didn't want it anymore mabye I got a weak I dont know.. anyway to keep it short I left because I wanted to transfer to av tech and get a trade etc but was not permitted to and was told the only option was to leave and rejoin bit shit rly .

Anyway a year later and I'm reapplying but looking into av tech you get posted with aac and I don't like the light blue beret and want to be able to push myself and do sub speciality courses ie aacc or parachute. Any recommendations I have an electrical engineering diploma looking for a trade at the same time.

Thanks in advance

Are you desperate to do a trade in involving electrical engineering or do you feel that is the direction you need to go in because you have the qualification?

If the former then look at RE options, opportunities there for badge collecting.

If the latter then look at other trades. The Army will teach you what you need to know. That way you have a trade and still have your diploma in your back pocket.

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If you want to work on Aeroplanes/Helicopters but don't like the AAC then suggest you go for an apprenticeship with BA Engineering or Menzies Aviation who might take you. Or apply to the RAF who have a few planes left.

But you do not say who you do not want to be AAC?
They would give you good trade training & skills that will benefit you outside of the military.

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