can somebody please explain the in's and out's of RENLEAVE?

IE, If i submit it, for what reasons can it be rejected? ive heard a few rumours that only op tours and major exercises can cancel it for you but im not sure.

the bottom line is ive been entitled to RENLEAVE since april 06 but havent took any yet due to other commitments, Recruiting team, op tour then public dutys for 4 months, (all back to back) ive not spent more than 3-4 weeks back in my Regiment since Dec 05 and finally when there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel when i finish public duty's at the end of September, hey presto!! as if by magic my sub unit are off on a CT level 2 exercise for 3 weeks.
This will be followed immiediatly by some OPTAG training prior to Afgahn next year....this should leave me with approx 6 months to take all of my Annual leave and Renleave

much apprieciated!!!
I had similar experiences with my second lot of REN Leave and whilst at ACIO as a Recruiter was unable to get it in just like my present unit. Because I have to get it in by my 20 year point (shortly after Christmas) and in similar position as you with OPTAG training coming up soon and Afghan in March I have used mainly my Ren Leave over summer leaving a substancial ammount of annual leave remaining. If then I dont manage to get it all in before I deploy I should have more chance getting it transferred over till next year unlike no chance of extending Ren Leave past my 20 year point.
RENLEAVE can only be stopped by operational requirements so you could take it on public duties and noone can stop you.
Urban myth I'm afraid - the granting and cancellation of Renleave fall under the same rules and regs as any other leave/authorised absence!!
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