I was recently told by someone that RENleave, if not used in the 3 year entitlement period, can now be added on to Termination leave at the end of service.

Can any fellow ARRSEr's shed any light on this or is it merely another duty rumour, RCMO deems none the wiser on this. Cheers
Ive heard the very same rumour, however I like all rumours I wouldnt believe any of it unless you see it in black and white. you're going to be gutted when you bring up the subject just prior to your termination leave and people just give you a blank look or worse just laugh saying there's another one who bought it.

Maybe its true, Im sure you will find the answer before its too late.
This from the Leave JSP:


7B.006 Re-engagement Leave is to be taken at the earliest convenient opportunity after qualifying for it, either separately or in addition to any other form of leave (except Terminal Leave) for which the individual is eligible.

a. Soldiers granted Re-engagement Leave in addition to other leave are to remain on the strength of their unit during the whole period of absence on leave. They will not be replaced.

b. No additional free travel is admissible.

c. It may not be taken after a soldier has signified his intention to leave the Service.

d. Re-engagement Leave may be added to Terminal Leave but only in exceptional circumstances. When such a requirement arises, a formal case explaining the reason for delay beyond 3 years or addition to Terminal Leave should be submitted to higher authority, normally the brigade or garrison commander, for authorisation.

Exceptional Circumstances only.


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