RENLEAVE - No more!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gun_god, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. why after 11 years service have i only just been told i am not entitled to renleave! the rules have changed, but why am i only finding out now? i was looking forward to it. people need to spread the word as i still see people telling toms, "well son, when you get renleave like me.....blah blah"

    am i thick or is this already common knowledge?

    Also what is my retention incentive now? i know renleave wasn't much but it is the principle of the matter!
  2. I think the retention incentive is that there are very few decent jobs out there. Stay or quit - it makes not difference to the Army these days.
  3. read the DINs.
  4. shhhhh its not like dins make sense..... see somewhere else for info (but no link provided)
  5. I was ready for both my "Renleave" and it was something that I looked forward to.

    I feel for your loss Wilf

  6. I'm currently enjoying a long weekend of Ren Leave. Hopefully, I'll still be in for the next installment in 2015.
  7. I still have mine .
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I qualify for mine next month.
  9. The ‘new’ rules have been around since 31 March 1999 and if you joined after that date you don’t get REN leave ^~
  10. makes me fell loads better, i hope you have been told that officially cus like CAARPS said after march 99 and your out of luck
  11. I joined up before March '99 mate.
  12. I've had both lots of REN. The other month I was absolutely threaders so I contacted clerk, told him that JPA wasn't recognising my allocation of REN and could he put it back on there, with an expiry date the same as my ROD. He did, so I proffed 4 weeks worth of free leave. Cheers easy.
  13. I thought there was two lots of Renleave??? is it just the 12 year point then?
  14. 12 & 17 I believe, looking forward to my 2nd batch next year
  15. 11 & 17 - to be taken by 14 & 20 year point. I got both mine thank you very much. No frigging commitment bonuses though - joined in '89, and got shafted financially!