Renleave Entitlement


:headbang: I need help.... Can anyone state where exactly I can find out RENLEAVE Entitlement? I am under the impression I work with some bitter and twisted clerks, and want to be able to read with my own eyes if I am entitled or not.
Ren leave....

20 working days, from 11th year of service. three years to take.

Join on 1st Jan 2000, then you can take 20 extra days from 2011 till 2014. That is how it was explained to me by my clerk anyway. No less than five days at a time.

You get another batch of 20 days in 2017 till 2020.
if you get access to dii in work just go to jsp and find tri service leave publication -new jpa system will bring benefits for the army won't say why or else someone will change the software-oops

there again we don't normally have intelligent people handling any of our it system procurement so why would they be reading this?
Prey tell more, PM if needed.
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