Renewing the tax disc

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mikal, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. I am bemused by the DVLA online system.

    I do not have to pay for a replacement tax disc if I renew at 6 monthly intervals but if I want the convenience of a 12 month disc I have to pay £20.

    Catch? The DVLA web system does not have a 6 month disc option for this car. Only a 12 month one for which I am expected to pay. The way round it is to use the local Post Office.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone seen a 6 month option when renewing a tax disc online?
  2. How much is the tax? 20 quid? I renewed mine today and it was 30. Only a 12month option. Maybe as it is so cheap!
  3. Mine works out £20 cheaper if I renew 12 months instead of every 6. Being a tax you would expect a flat rate rather than the con of having to pay more if you renew every 6.

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  4. It is dearer if you renew ever 6months as you say. DVLA are more than a tax revenue collector they are a mafia style extortion organisation.
  5. I get a letter from Ayuntamiento de Dosrius with a numeric code and bar code. Enter/scan that either online or at an ATM, and if paid within one month it's half price. No messing around. Great
  6. That'll be because the Megabytes will have to work twice as hard, causing twice the wear and tear, meaning replacement more often. They don't pay for themselves, you know!
  7. Are THEY any closer to binning the paper disc, or for that matter the driving licence paper counterpart?
  8. There's no real need for the paper disc, all these ANPR cameras on bridges and in cars and vans
  9. How would "they" cover the loss of income from fines for not displaying a disc?
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  10. I have always had a 6 month option, but then again I have a diesel van which is high road tax. Could it be that lower emmison cars are so cheap to tax it's not worth their while doing a 6 month. Just a thought
  11. I said "real need", what you have correctly pointed out is the invented need
  12. Death and taxes....
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