Renewal Time - Do I Bin Section 1?

Keep S1 or Give Up

  • Get Rid - you're a crap shot AND henpecked, you loser.

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  • Keep It - get some range time and tell her indoors to get ironing

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  • Put a variation in for the SMLE you've always wanted, but don't tell her.

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Renewal beckons - coterm for FAC and SGC.

Now I've not used the rifle for a while due to young Shotlets, distinct lack of cash (two redundancies last year), and the fact that the land on my ticket is 200 miles away. Time & Money are distant memories.

Also, I bloody hate the overgrown pistol as I just don't like the balance, and at some point will get around to swapping it for a proper rifle. However, I've probably purchased less than 300 rounds in 3 years (tend to blag them off the farmer as he buys in bulk hence cheaper) and might risk running afoul of 'reasonable need' or whatever the phrase is.

The only other S1 at the moment is a BAC system pistol that I refused to surrender as a grumpy point of principle, but have rarely used since.

So, do I bin the Sec 1 and admit that I won't be doing much shooting for a few years, or find a local club (recommendations in Cheshire area welcome) and get some targets perforated, ignoring the howls from the Mrs?


....... I'm surprised that you had to put the question in a poll.......

........ every Arrser should have one ........

......... you'll need it, come the Revolution.........

Never ever reduce the number of firearms you have or let your FAC lapse.

The more shooters there are the more the government has to worry about upsetting them.

There's a target club in Warrington if memory serves.


Come on mate, the kids will thank you later wont they!


War Hero
Pretty conclusive so far mate.

IMO renew, renew, renew. The chaps on here convinced me to apply recently after only having my SGC and I can't wait to get my FAC. SMLE for me budget permitting.