Renegade goes on trial


Former British soldier on trial for plotting attack on old barracks


A FORMER British soldier, alleged to have turned his back on his country and comrades to join the provisional IRA, went on trial in Germany yesterday accused of being the intelligence mastermind behind a terror attack at his old barracks.

Michael ‘Dixie’ Dickson, who was born in Greenock but is now an Irish citizen, is accused of being part of an active service unit that fired three mortars at the British army base at Osnabrück, Germany, in June 1996.

The court heard that an international legal struggle goes on for at least two of his alleged accomplices, named as Belfast-born actor James Corry and Roisin McAliskey, the 26-year-old daughter of former civil rights campaigner and MP, Bernadette McAliskey.
Hang Him :evil:
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