Renegade ANA kills 3 UK troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by baby_g, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. exactly what I said to myself when I saw it on Reuters
  2. RIP another sad loss
  3. RIP to those that lost their lives.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Very sad news - but no 'again' about it - this time it was the ANA, not the ANP doing the deed. Big difference, and one that will be worrying an awful lot of people in ISAF today, I would think.

    Anyway, I understand that ISAF let this news out before KINFORMing was done - very bad form there indeed.
  5. My apologies for starting the thread then Snowy with it being on Reuters I presumed the NOK had been informed and the BBC & MOD sites were just slow updating.

    Good point about the ANA/ANP with the shock I forgot it was ANP last time. As you say a worrying development
  6. BBC now saying that 2 injured is incorrect, now several injured, by RPG attack Afghan responsible has escaped
  7. Sky are saying it was 3 Gurkhas killed inside the base… a very troubling development.
  8. Terrible news, yet again. RIP the fallen and a speedy recovery to those injured.
  9. OK, that is enough. Get the guys and lassies out of there now. We cannot trust the ANA not to shoot our instructor cadres, so there is no way in hell that they can be trusted to take the fight to the Taliban. I think I said before that training these ******* is a waste of time and lives, and today's events seem to be proof of that.

  10. RIP guys. Awful news.
  11. 2 bad apples in a bunch does not make it impossible!,
    makes it scary for the lads training as you will be watching every single one of them even the "friends"
    and yes I have been then and going again before you ask,
    the ANA I work with were all nice lads and wanted the Taliban out asap, but on the back of it they wanted us out asap as well and I don’t blame them,
    if it was my country I wouldn’t want jolly foreigner in any longer than needed.
  12. Two bad apples in a barrel is enough to make the whole barrel get chucked in my opinion. And there is no way in hell that these will remain isolated incidents -they will spread like a cancer.Well done on you Spad for managing to work with the ANA, even better getting away alive. I couldn't do the job. I wouldn't turn my back on them for a second. How the hell could I trust them?

  13. as much as I feel for the blokes on the ground and have to remain there with this particular group,
    go back to telic when brits were beating and humiliating "innocent" Iraqi civilians
    does that make the whole of UK forces bad?
    as scary as this development is and I know how much it’s going to playing on my mind when I work with them
    it's not the begin of the end,
    its just another shit sandwhich in the conflict we all have to take a bite of.