Renault Megane Problem

One of the lads has been looking after his mates car whilst he's on a little sandy "holiday".
Unfortunately he's managed to lock the key card in the car as its one of those auto openers and the battery in the key card has now run flat so the car thinks its not there and has locked itself.
If its at all possible to get in without calling a mechanic does anyone have any ideas as he doesnt want to ring the lads missus up and admit hes dropped a bollock and ask for the spare key (also its a bit of a trek to his qtr)
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, HS
ive got a megane its never let me lock the key inside.

Even with the battery flat in the card, its the battery power from the car that detects the card, not the other way around.

Check out the owners forum, this will prob have the answer.

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