Renault & Land Rover bid for MoD military support vehicles

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENSE and LAND ROVER announce working together to bid for UK Ministry of Defence contract work to supply military support vehicles

    Renault Trucks Defense and Land Rover announce working together to bid for UK Ministry of Defence contract work to supply military support vehicles.

    The cooperation between the two companies will be based on selected vehicles from the SHERPA tactical vehicle range of Renault Trucks Defense. The vehicles will be assembled by Land Rover in the UK.

    Renault Trucks Defense has already been down selected for the Operational Utility Vehicle System competition in the UK and the SHERPA 4*4 offered by Renault Trucks Defense for this
    competition will now be jointly offered to the UK Ministry of Defence with Land Rover.

    Other opportunities for vehicles from the SHERPA range to be considered subject to ongoing requirements of the UK Ministry of Defence.
    The partnership between the two world class companies offers the UK MoD the benefits of modern vehicles designed for current and future operations. This partnership builds upon the long standing relationship that Land Rover has with the UK MoD.

    In a joint statement, Serge Perez, Senior Vice President of Renault Trucks Defense and John
    Stretton, Director Global Government and Direct Sales Land Rover, said “The letter of intent
    between Renault Trucks Defense and Land Rover to work together offers the UK Ministry of
    Defence the combination of the outstanding technical design, proven performance and
    reliability of the SHERPA 4*4 with the unparalleled experience of Land Rover gained from
    serving the needs of the British Armed Forces for many years. The SHERPA 4*4 is an
    established European Utility Vehicle with the ability to both carry the level of armour
    protection demanded by current theatre of operations and with outstanding growth potential
    to meet future requirements.”
    February 18, 2009
  2. First the Germans (MAN), then the Italians (PANTHER) and now the French. Are there any other European nations that we habitually defeated in wars gone by that wish to supply the British Military with vehicles ? Maybe we can purchase the Santana PS10 dumbed down landrover from Spain.
  3. We already did with DAF/Leyland. But most of our wars (Chatham and all that)ended up in a draw iirc. :)
  4. I wasn't even considering naval battles ! I think you cloggies won at Chatham, captured King Charles's flagship and took it back to the Nether nether lands as a prize and put it on display.

    We've also bought a few scaninavian vehicles over the years.
    Bloody Danes & Vikings !

    Uh oh ! Meandering / Hijacking alert ! Apologies.
  5. Aaah. The RB44. Wasn't that a Dodge/Renault ?
  6. Renault FFS??? The electrics will pack up after 3 years. Worse if its been scrwewd together by a fat Brummie in Solihull.....
  7. whats next? SmartCar tanks?
  8. How long until we see Kamaz trucks in British Army units?
  9. Renault: That's the badge on the Broughton/RB44.
    Sherpa: More expensive than a transit, smaller than a transit, not as good as a transit - but available in olive drab.

    Got to hand it to them, with those pedigrees it's got the potential to make Bowman look like a good idea.

    The automotive equivalent of Karen Matthews and Shane McGowans love child.
  10. You mean Gaz jeeps eh?


    sorry :wink:
  11. If only ugliness was the worst of the RB44's sins. How about being a hog-whimperingly fecking useless piece of crap?
  12. The Santana isnt that bad, drove one the other day, and certain mil people say its actually quite good (leaf spring suspension aside!)
  13. The sherpa we're talking about here is a HMMWV lokkalike, not the Leyland sherpa/ LDV pilot

    Frankly I don't see why we don't get BAe to knock up something based around the Pinzgauer chassis, like the bonnet forward mantis proposal
  14. The RB44 was naff all to do with Renault.

    The RB Stands for Reynolds Boughton not Renault Boughton.

    Reynolds Boughton RB44